Between The Lines

A satirical take on comments by politicians during the day!

1) “We had welcomed the land bill in the Lok Sabha. We even said we are happy with it. But happiness doesn’t mean that we will support it. We will oppose the land bill when it comes in Parliament.”- Bhartruhari Mahtab, BJD’s Lok Sabha wing chief.

Between the lines- You don’t always do what you desire; sometimes one has to compromise as the circumstances compel them to do so. We welcomed the bill then because it was the government (majority) in question. But now since the Congress has regained its voice and two major parties in opposition (Congress and AIADMK) are against the bill, we cannot risk our party’s small fortune to stand alone.

2) “There’s no gag order”, Arun Jaitley.

(In defense of PM’S “‘Skill India’ not ‘Scam India’” statement in Toronto, Canada.)

Between the lines- I am one of those people who will insult you with sarcasm and later tell you that ‘I was kidding’; you should be smart enough to know why.

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