Anti Land Bill Padyatra – A shoe size bigger for Rahul Gandhi?

This article is part of Daily News Tadka, PB twisty take on important news of the day.

The young Gandhi scion is all set to follow the footsteps of his father as he will lead a nation-wide  padyatra to protest against the BJP’s land acquisition bill. The padyatra is likely to commence from 30th April. The place which is known for farmer suicides- Vidharbha will mark the starting point of the yatra.

Congress strategists feel this will ensure that Rahul gets to meet and interact with as many farmers as possible as he treads the nation covering-Marathwada, Western Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and others states and build widespread opposition against the bill.

Congressmen feel the padyatra will revive party’s fortune, as the same strategy was adopted by yester-year family stalwarts Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi after their political defeats in 1977 and 1989.

Congress is touting the padyatra as the re-launch pad for Rahul Gandhi as he strives to regain lost ground of the party and position himself as a serious national opposition leader to Modi. This will also enable position Rahul as the undisputed leader of the Congress party; after all Gandhi name is the glue which holds the party together.

As he shoulders the heritage of the Congress it remains to be seen if his feet can adapt to the footprints of his ancestors. The Congress party is fighting its biggest battle ever for survival post 1977 & 1989 (got less than 50 seats in Lok Sabha in May 2014) and only time will tell whether Rahul will succeed in saving the party from going into oblivion riding on a section of farmers opposition to land bill.

It’s ironical that Rahul chose Vidharbha in Maharashtra to flag off his padyatra. During Congress-NCP 15 year rule from 1999-2014, the state witnessed approx. 50,000 farmer suicides accounting for 20% of total farmer deaths in the country.

Will farmers rally behind Rahul whose brother in law is accused of taking away hectares of farmers land in connivance with Congress ruled state CMs? Or will they hail the land bill of Modi? Interesting battle ahead…

Modi won in the 1st round in Lok Sabha. Can Rahul square the score in next Lok Sabha? Long road ahead… One thing for sure, you can’t write off Gandhi scion completely….


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