Launching Charcha Club – India’s First Exclusive Debating Portal

Suryakiran Tiwari (aka Politicalbaaba) and Subhash Chandra (Political Insights Consultant) proudly announce the launch of Charcha Club (, India’s first exclusive debating portal. 


Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle: @charchaclub

Charcha club is aimed at encouraging healthy debate amongst Indians and creating informed opinion amongst our citizens on a variety of topics including but not limited to politics, economics, social, sports, cinema, arts, education etc.

We Indians are argumentative and we like to express our opinion on all things under the sun quite equivocally. Currently, most of us express our opinion on twitter, Facebook or various news websites / blogs under the comments section. 

Charcha Club aims to provide Indians with such an exclusive platform where you can voice your say on a range of matters. You are strongly encouraged to use this forum for constructive criticism and not to abuse or resort to name calling, instead focus on issues and facts.

We would be hosting / posting debate topics based on current news with our take on the above topics individually before making it open for public to debate. To help people better understand the topic we will also post links of related editorials from various newspapers. 

So what are you waiting for, go join the Club today. You can also log in using your social media website ids. By joining our Club at no cost you will be able to actively participate in the ongoing debates. You can also suggest topics of interest which you would like people to debate on.

Looking forward to your feedback on the website design, topics and any other issue which you feel needs improvement. 

Happy Debating…..

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