Democracy Wins Congress Loses

The recent leads / results indicate its a victory of democracy. Congress the grand old party of India has lost badly two sates it was ruling for more than a decade. The slogan coined by Narendra Modi during Lok Sabha elections of “Congress mukt Bharat” is slowly and steadily becoming a reality. When he said that even his staunchest supporter believed it was more of rhetoric jibe rather than a serious statement. However the shrewd politician he is, he had a vision on how to make India free of Congress, like he has a vision how to make the country a super power.

The grand old party has been reduced to less than 50 seats in Lok Sabha. With these two defeats it is now more of a regional party. Among the big states it is in power in Kerala and Karnataka. It also rules two small states – Himachal and Uttarakhand and some north eastern states. Kerala is due for elections soon and going by the trend it will lose to Communists this time. So it has only one big state- Karnataka which is thanks to BJP split and suspension of Yedurappa.

The party which has ruled for majority of the 67 years post independence never really believed in democratic principles and values. The Nehru family – Nehru, Indira, Sanjay, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul – it’s all been a family affair for the Congress. There was no internal democracy in the party and people with the family name ruled it and the country like a kingdom. Nobody apart from them could shine, bright leaders were pulled down to ensure family leader was the top most leader. Whenever they were not in a position to form govt., they propped up some Janta Dal leaders and pulled the rug at will. During the last decade the family reached its pinacle and achieved a master stroke by making a remote control prime minister. No accountability / responsibility and all power. All wrong decisions were attributed to Manmohan and all right decisions to family. Now when the party is in doldrums a section still feels only Priyanka can save the Congress. Party leaders and sycophants are obsessed with the family name.

Modi began his journey as a chai wala and rose through the party ranks through his hard work. He was not born with a silver spoon and got PM post due to family name. Majority of India which is poor and lower middle class connects with Modi. They see in Modi’s victory their victory. This is what is creating the aura around him and people want him and BJP to do well.

Congress through its pet schemes – food security, NREGA, reservations, minority appeasement always tried to win votes through populist schemes. This ensured poor remain poor, uneducated remain uneducated. This worked for years as people were in awe of their king / queen and depended on their mercy.

India of 21st century has changed. More and more people have become educated. Slowly and steadily people realise that they want development and jobs and no freebies. Freebies don’t come for free. They come at a cost – cost of remaining poor for life. They want true democracy and no kingdom. The era of raja / rani is over.

What more needs to be done to ensure a congress mukt Bharat?

1. The special privileges and security – SPG provided to Sonia and her family (Rahul, Priyanka) and Robert needs to be withdrawn. They don’t face same threat as they used to. LTTE is decimated. No former prime minister family (except for Manmohan) enjoys SPG security. They have enjoyed extensions for long periods. This will make them a commoner.

2. Ensure Congress loses badly in coming elections in Kerala, J&K and Jharkhand. It’s not difficult considering the position of Congress in these states.

3. Announce special package for North East. Make efforts to bring there mainstream and make people realise there are other parties in India apart from Congress.

4. Encourage good bright young leaders to leave party and join BJP.

This will make India a congress mukt Bharat and realise Modi’s dream.

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