With Amit Shah touted to become BJP President, Modi’s in full control of party

Amit Shah, the man monumental in BJP getting absolute majority on its own, is tipped to be the party President. The post fell vacant after Rajnath Singh joined the cabinet as Home Minister. Some sections predicted Amit Shah could be made a minister in Modi’s cabinet. This didn’t happen. Whatever said and done Shah is a controversial character with many cases against him (some may allege all of them are fabricated cases). Modi would not want to start his innings on a wrong note. That is a separate matter that Shah after Modi’s victory and his contribution became the unofficial no. 2 in the party.

Modi’s grip on the party started to tighten after he was named party’s election campaign head in June 2013, moving on to become party’s PM candidate in Sep. 2013. Party securing absolute majority on its own has given him a cult status within the party. He is the undisputed no. 1. Senior leaders have meekly surrendered to their fate. Entire ministry was hand picked by him. No pressures from any quarter entertained. Though to give it to him, he accommodated people from all factions, most importantly Advani faction (Sushama, Ananth Kumar, Venkaih Naidu etc.).

Modi also issued a diktat regarding who ministers can hire as their personal secretaries. This is interpreted by some as interference. Further he also met all secretaries and has given them a free hand and right to approach him directly in case of any issues. This has been criticised by many as undermining the ministers. So much so that he even disapproved of Rajnath Singh’s decision to continue with UPA secretaries. He has clearly shown who is the boss!

Modi has been criticised in the past for totalitarian / authoritarian attitude which he has vehemently denied. People say that he takes all decisions himself and doesn’t consult others. Critics have picked up these two instances and started targeting him again.

With full control over the govt., Modi is now eyeing grip over the party. After all he won’t get much time to participate in party affairs his plate full with governance matters. While many senior leaders in the party like JP Nadda, MM Joshi, Yedyurappa, Om Mathur are in the fray, Amit Shah seems to be the front runner as he is Modi’s confidante. Modi wants his man in the position so that no alternative leadership emerges in the party and all factions are cut to size. This suits his long term plan that people identify BJP with Modi and he builds a larger than party image (which he has already succeeded in some ways).

Plus many states will see elections in the near future, party would want to use Shah’s organisational skills to motivate cadre in these states and bag some of them.  Party is in a strong position in Maharashtra, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi. Party would expect Amit to repeat his UP magic.

If Amit Shah becomes President, BJP will indeed be fully Modi-fied…….



One comment

  1. To deliver,it is absolutely necessary to have full control so that there is no distraction.We all want Modi to deliver his promises which he made as people voted for him and not BJP.I do not mind Modi takes full control but he must deliver.If he fails to deliver people will loose faith in Opposition politics paving way for dreaded Congress to come back which no body wants.


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