Weekly News Chronicle: June 1-7 (Part II)

1. Modi-Obama visit likely in Sept.

There are reports that Modi and Obama could hold one to one dialogues when Modi is in US in Sept. for UN General Assembly session. While US administration had earlier adopted a policy of not issuing visa to Modi because of Godhra riots, it has been very warm to him after Modi got elected as PM. Marta Kya an karta. Majboori ka naam …… It is in the interest of US to maintain good relations with India because of economic as well as strategic factors. Indians are fast emerging as the largest users if US goods. Plus US and India both share democratic values and US needs India on its side to counter growing influence of China. Modi as I have said earlier is not a person who lives in the past. He has accepted the invitation and would further deepen economic and strategic ties.

2. Modi meets secretaries, tells them to work fearlessly

Modi met secretaries of various ministries. He took stock of various issues pending as well as work related issues. Modi encouraged them to work without any pressure and he would take care in case of any issues. He asked them to approach him directly. Some may argue that he is undermining the ministers concerned. Others may argue that he is pressurising secretaries to take fast decisions and clear files. All this is bullshit, he is asking them to do their job, take decisions (some may go wrong), still he would back them. That’s what is the role of governments to take decisions and not sit on them.

3. Lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh and demand of President’s Rule

There is complete anarchy in UP, girls being raped by police officers, families intimidated, leaders of political parties being killed. We have a Australia educated CM who asks a woman reporter nothing happened to her and whose father says let us do our work we will do ours. Actually SP is a goonda party. They are not afraid of law. They have come to loot. And they won’t listen to directions of Akhilesh / Mulayam. Next time they would say it is BJP conspiracy to defame UP govt. Mayawati and state BJP leaders are demanding Presidents Rule. Going by Modi’s style he won’t do that as he is a big advocator of better state-center relations. But UP is a big state and it’s partition into smaller states needs to be taken up by utmost priority. It needs to be divided into 2-3 states for better governance.

4. Sensex zooms past 25,000 levels

Sensex reached its highest point in history buoyed by FII flows and sentiment of improved economic / business environment. BJP is seen as a pro business / investor friendly party and Sensex could touch 27-27.5k levels if BJP announces a super budget (reduction in duties, income taxes, stt, takes back retrospective tax cases etc.).

5. Newly elected Members of Parliament take oath

All elected MPs took oath in Parliament this week. Some people took oath in Hindi, English, local languages and Sushama Swaraj surprised everybody by taking oath in Sanskrit. Many leaders came dressed in their regional dresses and it was a treat to watch. Good to see the celebration of democracy…

6. Sumatra Mahajan elected Speaker of Lok Sabha

Sumitra Mahajan, 8 time Lok Sabha member from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has been elected as the Speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha. This is called woman empowerment. Many congrats to mam, incidentally she follows my blog.

7. Revolt in JDU in Bihar

There is revolt brewing up in Janata Dal United in Bihar. MLAs are angry over hoppers from other parties being given ministerial berths in Manjhi’s govt. I have said on the day I started blogging that JDU will split post polls, that day is not too far. There is intense power tussle between Sharad Yadav and Nitish Kumar camp. This could impact party’s prospects in Rajya Sabha polls.

8. MM Joshi, Lalji Tandon being tipped to be Governors

Many leaders including MM Joshi, Lalji Tandon, Kalyan Singh, Vijay Kumar Malhotra are all tipped to be Governors. They have missed being Ministers. It is the normal trend for parties to appoint their people as Governors in states. I am sad for Joshiji, who is a stalwart and very intelligent / capable person. His knowledge and experience should be used in government.

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