Weekly News Chronicle: June 1-7 (Part I)

We start a new series from today wherein key news stories of last week and Politcalbaaba’s take on the same will be presented. Watch out this space……

1. Modi scraps Group of Ministers

Narendra Modi led govt. has scrapped 9 EGoMs and 21 GOMs formed under Manmohan’s UPA govt. These groups undermined the respective minister and PM’s decision making authority and led to delay on decision making. Formed to keep a check on MMS so that he can’t taken decisions on his own without consulting Sonia sycophant ministers. Good step.

2. Raj Thackeray announces his candidature as CM candidate of MNS

Raj announced in a rally that he would contest Maharashtra state elections and be the CM candidate of his party. Desperate move to stay relevant. His party received a drubbing in Lok Sabha nil seats and only 1.5% vote share, even less than AAP. Who is he allying with, even his hard core supporters don’t know. Is he with NDA or not, even he doesn’t know. Utter confusion. He didn’t put up candidates against BJP but contested against Shiv Sena. More of a posturing move to bargain hard with Congress and BJP to enter into seat sharing. Mumbai be prepared for tod phod politics till elections.

3. Fissures appear within AAP

Shazia Ilmi and Captain Gopinath resigned from Aam Aadmi Party recently. Yogendra Yadav too unhappy and wrote letter criticising personality cult of Kejriwal affecting party. Kejri chela Sisodia hit back at YY alleging he wants yo break the party. National convention going on, Kejri says he heard concerns of YY and is trying to bring back Shazia. Party in doldrums. Ghar ke na ghaat ke situation. Only 4 seats, that too in Punjab where Kejri didn’t go to campaign. Many MLAs reportedly in touch with Congress / BJP. Kejri trying hard to get mandate to govern in Delhi state polls. Do or die situation for AAP. One advice to AAP supporters / leaders. If you want to stay relevant, clip Kejri’s wings…

4. Sena pre empts BJP claim for CM position and announces Uddhav as CM candidate

Uddhav announced that he would be CM candidate of his party. He had no choice after Raj announced his candidature. Sibling rivalry. Step also an attempt to pre empt any BJP move to stake claim for CM post after strong performance in Lok Sabha. BJP leaders murmuring that Sena got seats due to BJP / Modi wave and they should get CM post if NDA wins in Maharatshtra state polls. Uddhav’s step is also a sort of warning to BJP that it could go alone if they do t agree. Last time when BJP-Sena combine won CM was from Sena. I like Uddhav, he is soft and not aggressive as Raj. Plus BJP state leadership not strong. They should not mess with a loyal old ally.

5. Telangana was formed as 29th state of India

Telangana supporters rejoiced as their dream got fulfilled. KC Rao of TRS became CM. Politicalbaaba congrats the people of the state and wishes them all the best. Also time to spare a thought for people who laid their lives for the independent state.

6. Rane revolts in Maharashtra

Narayan Rane is at it again what he is best at. He wants Congress to change CM Prithviraj Chauhan. He says Congress will lose under Chouhan. Mr. Rane don’t worry nobody can save Congress. Ever since he joined Congress from Shiv Sena he has nursed CM ambitions. Every six months he raises revolt, goes to Delhi, meets high command, comes back satisfied, no body takes him seriously now.

6. More Congressmen openly revolt against RaGa

A Rajasthan MLA this time spoke ill of RaGa. Ever since Congress lost elections badly, many dal badlus are criticising leadership. Many of them have back channel communication with BJP and want to join it. If they join BJP they might lose their MLA / MP position. So best way is to give gaali to Yuvraj. Party will be forced to suspend you. Then you can do whatever you want. 8 / 44 MPs of Congress are believed to be in touch with BJP.

7. Sonia finds another Manmohan, makes Kharge the leader of party in Lok Sabha

Congress announced Mallikarjun Kharge as Leader of Party in Lok Sabha. For those who don’t know who is he, he is a former Minister of Railways and a big leader from Karnataka. The choice surprised many. Why not Sonia or Rahul? They don’t want to take responsibility. They are the kings. Why Nit Kamalnath or Scindia or Tharoor or Capt. Amarinder Singh or Santosh Mohan Deo? Because they are leaders in their own right? Basically they wanted another Manmohan so they found one in Kharge. Rahul sant on back benches. His attendance was 47% when his govt. was in power. Any guesses for his attendance in 16th Lok Sabha. There should be some disqualification for low attendance.

8. BJP – Sena war of words over Maha CM

After Uddhav announced his candidature as Sena CM candidate, BJP clarified that he is not the NDA candidate and nothing has been frozen yet. BJP is bolstered by its performance in Lok Sabha and feels that Sena got 18 seats due to Modi wave. It wants to bargain for CM post and keep on hinting that BJP may go with MNS if Sena doesn’t fall in line. Interesting battle on cards, Modi making Munde Cabinet Minister is a hint that CM post will go yo Sena.

9. Munde dies in a tragic road accident

Gopinath Munde died in a road accident in Delhi while on way to airport. May his soul rest in peace. His death brings to light our road safety / traffic rules. Why do ministers not use helicopters for travel to airport, quick and reduces road traffic. A food of thought. Make a helipad in Parliament. PM / Cabinet Ministers need to travel from their allotted houses to Parliament and from there by helicopter to airport. Plus traffic training program’s should be held every year for drivers.

10. Jayalalitha meets Modi

Jaya met Modi this week and discussed on various state issues and national issues. She is slated to provide issue based support to NDA. Her support could be crucial in Rajya Sabha where NDA is in minority. For Jaya also it is better to be in good books of central govt. to get funds for her state. Plus NDA emerged as a strong opponent to AIADMK in Tamil Nadu. With development and good governance, it could damage her prospects in next Lok Sabha or even state polls.


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