NaMo Arrives, Democracy Wins

Narendra Modi was sworn in as 15th Prime Minister of India yesterday in a star studded event at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Members of Parliament, Chief Ministers of State, Governors, Bollywood personalities, Sports legends, Priests etc. graced the occasion. The event was also attended by Heads of States of SAARC countries and most importantly Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. NawazSharif Sharif. The almost year long campaign of Modi and BJP culminated into BJP getting majority on its own and their PM candidate fulfilling his dream.

Politicalbaaba (PB) covered all important milestones of Modi’s journey from being declared BJP Election Campaign Chief in June 2013 to PM candidate in Sep. 2013. From Advani’s sulking to Nitish Kumar breaking up with BJP, PB covered all important speeches of Modi, highlight being his speech on Independence Day which was compared with PM Manmohan’s speech on same day.

Modi juggernaut rolled and his strategy of attack is the best form of defence paid off. He was so serious about his job that he covered almost 25 states with 400+ rallies untiringly & single-handedly spearheaded BJP’s campaign. TINA factor helped him with Rahul & Kejriwal appearing minuscule in experience in front of Modi. An intelligent PR campaign targeting misrule of UPA govt. and highlighting the development work done by him as CM of Gujarat paid rich dividends.

Modi’s journey from his early days of tea seller to swayamsevak in RSS to Gujarat CM and now India PM is a story fit to be scripted in a Bollywood movie. His rise is a true win of vibrant Indian democracy. People adore him, love him as they see him as risen from among their ranks.

India has high hopes from Modi. India is at an inflexion point. People believe that he is the one man who can solve all problems and make India a superpower. Now is the time to act on his promises. The task is not easy but his optimism, positivity, track record and seriousness is what Indians are banking on.



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