Janata Dal United govt. survives for the time being in Bihar

Janata Dal United (JDU) govt. survived a scare in Bihar assembly yesterday where it got 145 / 243 votes. BJP MLAs staged a walk out. Lalu’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Congress supported Jitin Manjhi’s govt.

After drubbing received in Lok Sabha polls Nitish resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar taking moral responsibility. However we saw on earlier post how this was more of Sharad Yadav vs Nitish Kumar tug of war.


In meeting called by Nitish to discuss his resignation and appoint new leader majority JDU MLAs urged Nitish to take back his decision, MLAs of Sharad Yadav camp who opposed were in a minority & heckled. Nitish asked for a day to think, next day even before the meeting, Sharad built up pressure and issued statement that Nitish won’t take back his resignation. Nitish appointed a scheduled caste Jitin Manjhi as CM and checkmated Sharad.

Meanwhile Sharad got together with Lalu and RJD said it will support Nitish on floor of house. Sharad is getting close to Lalu to counter Nitish. Sharad felt that some MLAs of JDU will defect to BJP and his strategy of getting Lalu to support will help him attack and counter Nitish . But Nitish was able to maintain flock and Sharad got checkmated again.

So have problems for Nitish reduced? No. Disgruntled MLAs who were nursing CM ambitions will slowly revolt. Even Sharad may add fuel to fire. A remote control govt. is not very popular as seen in UPA 1 & 2. Nitish to show he morally accepts responsibility has done this but many backfire. Plus BJP is desperate to take revenge. Interesting times ahead in Bihar….


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