How would the Cabinet of Modi look like?

As people wait with abated breath, PB’s take on new cabinet of Modi.


Media has been abuzz with news regarding cabinet formation of Narendra Modi. Speculations are rife as to who will make the cut. Names of number of people are doing the rounds for the same ministry. Plus there is also suspense about the role of elders in the party like M.M. Joshi and L.K. Advani. Whether Rajnath Singh & Amit Shah will be part of the Cabinet or not is always a point of intense debate.

Let’s answer the key questions one by one:

(i) Will Advani & Joshi be part of ministry?

Advani – No. Joshi – Yes.

Joshi is very keen to get a berth and he is very intelligent with grasp over a number of issues. Remember, he was entrusted the task of drafting the manifesto. Age should not come in his way. Modi would like to use his experience.

Advani is egoistic and would not like to…

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