Lok Sabha 2014 – regional parties have not lost their vote base

Great Insights By Dharmesh!

Patadiya Dharmesh

Lok Sabha 2014 results declared recently on 16th May, 2014. Let us look at some statistical comparision from 2009. From this statistics we can conclude following things. It is believed that INC became stronger and BJP became weaker in 2009.

  1. BJP won more vote shares in Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP etc states, majoritily North Indian states. Also known as Hindi heartland states. (Yellow colour boxes)
  2. Congress vote share has reduced in almost all the states except Karnataka. (Light pink colour boxes). Biggest lost to congress was in UP, Andra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat.
  3. Despite of no vote share difference in regional parties like SP, BSP etc they were unable to fetch seats as they obtained last time. These seats accounted to BJP. Probably BSP’s equation SC+Brahmin+Minority did not work. Brahmin might have voted to BJP.
  4. No significant vote share rise for TMC in WB but still it…

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