BJP & Modi Create History

India gets Modi-fied!


BJP led NDA has secured absolute majority 336 / 543 in 16th Lok Sabha.  Not only this, BJP has also secured majority on its own (282). For the first time in 30 years after 1984, a party / alliance has got absolute majority. This is very good news for India and will take us beyond the shaky coalition era. Also its the first time that a non- Congress party has secured majority in Lok Sabha elections. Janata Party did get majority in 1977 after emergency but it was a coalition / umbrella where several parties joined to take on Indira just before the elections.

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The mandate has stunned political pundits, while all of them predicted a NDA win or near win, nobody except for Today’s Chanakya predicted that NDA would get ~340 seats. Politicalbaaba estimated 266 seats for NDA. Where it went wrong will be analysed in detail in another…

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