Campaign Style of 3 Top Contenders for Prime Minister’s Post

Parameters Modi Rahul Kejriwal
Dress Colourful Kurta & Pyjama with local costume / headgear


White Kurta & Pyjama / Blue Jeans Shirt & Trouser (shirt mostly un-tucked)
Punch lines Taking dig at Congress –

Shehzada, Congress mukt Bharat, Maa-bete ki sarkar


Taking claim for –

Woman empowerment, RTI, Lokpal, NREGA, FSB

Main aam aadmi hoon

Congress-BJP sab chor hain

Yeh desh Ambani chalata hai

Campaign Style Big Rallies / 3 D Rallies


Rallies / Road Shows Rallies / Road shows / Door-to-door Campaign
Interaction with audience High Medium High
Passion in Speech High


Medium High
Selling Points Good development in Gujarat



Pro Poor Schemes


Clean Image
Language Hindi Hindi Hindi
Target Audience Youth / First time Voters / Nationalist Hindus Poor & Downtrodden / Minorities Voters fed up of political class / Youth First Time Voters

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    1. I strongly support my friend desipoliticaljunkie. There is no point in comparing Mr. AK ji with Modiji. Then there are thousands to be compared including Mr. Hotte Paksha Rangaswamy who holds the Guinness World Record for having contested the highest number of elections and Mr. Kaka Joginder Singh for his several unsuccessful runs for the President of India


      1. Ha ha Don’t get emotional its only a post. Still if you conduct a survey for top 3 PM choices of people Kejri will be 3rd. I have no special likeness for him either.


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