After mother son duo fail, daughter Priyanka pitches in to fight Modi

Modi heat is catching up with Congress. First Rahul took on Modi, failed miserably. Then Congress leaders pleaded with Madam to come to rescue. She pitched in but fell ill. Seeing this daughter Priyanka offered help, wanted to take on Modi in Varanasi. All this while she kept on saying she would campaign only in Amethi and Rae Bareli. Mother and brother advised her against it, and not commit suicide. Her political career would crash before take off. But she wanted to help. 

Mother reluctantly asked her to help. She resembles Indira and Sonia thought Priyanka would be able to attract people who still believe in age old congress legacy. She has started attacking Modi in rallies:

Snoop gate: How can woman vote for Modi who snoops on women? Priyankaji snooping is better than getting raped. Where were you when Nirbhaya and 100s of girls were raped in Delhi, state capital where you live. They don’t enjoy SPG security as you do.

Land deals with Adani: All state govts. allot land to companies at concessional rates to promote industry. This is nothing new. Land was used for industry and thousands of jobs were created. Unlike your husband who got land at concessional rates and sold it to third parties at market rates, thus making a killing. When Tata Nano plant was stuck in W.Bengal due to protests encouraged by Mamata your partner in UPA, Gujarat offered a smooth transition and plant was shifted. Not an iota of controversy, cars are being manufactured today.

Godhra riots: There will be widespread riots if Modi comes to power. Sikh riots were bigger than Godhra. Your father accepted Congress involvement. So please don’t vitiate the atmosphere. Even minorities seem to be aware of the tricks.
The trio is fighting for survival. Fully aware that if Modi comes to power, he may target Robert. Using all their tricks in their books. Let see what happens…


  1. As expected Priyanka is in the fray to save congress…..It is ok…all part of a big manipulative game of Indian politics….I welcome the clarifications by the author….Thank You…..


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