Congress & AAP make Modi’s martial status biggest election issue

Author: NS

Okay. So as per the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal (he did not want to comment, but he still made a comment. Weird), the single largest problem that the country faces today is whether Narendra Modi should have honored the bonds of his marriage. That when country is going through its worst economic crisis, corruption and inflation at its peak, invetsor confidence low and threat of rating downgrade looming large. Speaks of party’s vision and mission.

I thought a lot before writing this article. Do I have right to ‘peep into’ or comment on two individual’s personal matters? Should I make a judgement on it, when the sole right for discussing or not discussing the matter lies with these and only these two people? Unless one of the two individuals ask others to judge whether he or she has been wronged in any manner, does any other person have the right to make this subject a matter of national discourse? The answer to all the above questions is clearly a big ‘No’.

What we can comment on though, is if any person (man or woman) is not comfortable with their marriage for any reasons whatsoever, does he/she not have a right to annul the act rather than subject both himself/herself and his/her partner to a forced relationship? Yes he/she has. But in the right manner.

Now did Modi ill treat his wife in any manner? No. Did he harass her for dowry? No. Did he regularly beat her up? No. Did he have an extra marital affair on top of his legal marriage? No. Infact, he has not even remarried. Apparently he encouraged her to continue her education, which later helped her to get a job.

Are we not questioning the strength of character of this very woman or Indian women in general, when we conclude that her whole life has been destroyed by this single act of her husband walking out of their marriage? Is a woman so weak that her ‘life’ should be defined solely by the success of her ‘marital life’?

And so then why do we even need to discuss this very issue in public. Both Modi and his wife have moved on in life and are living two separate and equally honorable lives. Let us not insult their choices just because they could not a live a happily ‘married’ life together.

Even Gautam Buddha walked out of a forced marriage. And Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa saw the Goddess Kali in every woman including his own wife, Sarada Devi. Now, I am not for one moment comparing Modi to either Lord Buddha or Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Far from it. Instead, what I want to say is that he should be allowed to afford the same rights as them. To walk out of a relationship he is not comfortable with. But with dignity and respect for his partner.

Dear Rahul/Arvind, now if you have wasted enough of the nation’s time, would you please ‘move on’ to some relevant issues. You know, we do have a choice to ‘move on’. And if you still need to quench your voyeuristic urges. Let me give you a juicy topic. You will be happy that this is also related to ND. No not Narendara Damordaddas Modi. But Narayan Dutt Tiwari.  If you remember, he is an ex Chief Minister of yours and was recently involved in a ‘Paternity’ suit by his own out of marriage child. Since you claim to be a champion of womens’ rights, spare a thought  and maybe a speech for the two women (atleast the count that we know) and the several children who he has wronged and condemned to live a life worse than hell.

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  1. No comments on this one as this article itself an insult of Modiji. How one can compare Modiji with a moron and womanizer. There was no need to write this article seriously….Request to write relevant articles on Modiji…ND Tiwari was never mentioned except for sleeping with women…


  2. Vinay. Appreciate ur comments. but trust me, if you read the complete article you will realise that you and me share the same views. The article just points out the hypocrisy of the Congress leadership (Rahul/Sonia) when they rake up personal issues of other political parties but turn a blind eye to the unforgivable sins of their own. In the same article, I mention Modi in the same line as Gautam Buddha/Ramakrishna Paramhansa. Keep blogging and fingers crossed for a BJP majority. Political Baaba is doing an excellent job


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