AAP candidate withdraws and Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped!!! Again!!!

About the Author: NS, a friend and guide, a corporate banker is an avid political observer. He has kindly agreed to write a post for Politicalbaaba. This is his debut blogpost. So join me in welcoming a new blogging star.

One more AAP candidate withdraws!! This time against Sonia Gandhi. And the next day Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped again. A pattern seems to be emerging in the withdrawal of AAP candidates and Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped. Surprisingly, most of the withdrawals are where they were fighting the Congress biggies (Khurshid, Pilot, Sonia). And in constituencies where the division of the Muslim vote could hurt the Congress big time. And just to add, a day or two later, Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped.

One would have imagined Arvind Kejriwal would have found atleast a some time to support and campaign in support of AAP’s candidate against Salman Khurshid. Arvind, you do remember Salman Khurshid!! Or have you forgotten him just like you seem to have forgotten Robert Vadera, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and one more person, whose name even I cannot recollect. Ahh, I remember, Sheila Dixit. The one against whom you seemed to have a briefcase full of proof supporting your claim that she was  involved in the Commonwealth games scam. Well the briefcase disappeared the day you became CM. Or maybe it was replaced with a new one. Well, atleast I do not blame you for forgetting the last one. The whole of India seems to have forgotten her. But to remind you, her son is contesting the elections.

Anyways, the one that hurt the most was Farrukhabad. Arvind Kejriwal generated a lot of goodwill and support from people like me in his so called fight against Salman  Khurshid. Though it hindsight, it seems like many of his other stunts, this was also just that. A publicity stunt. He publicitily (forgive the pun) declared that he would field a handicapped person against Khurshid. This was the same Oxford (or Cambridge) educated Khurshid who open threatened Kejriwal to come back safe and sound from Farrukhabad.

Well, the threat seems to be working now. Kejriwal is not campaigning not only against Khurshid but also any of the well known Congress candidates. He only seems to focus on seats where the BJP is strong. Poor old Kumar Vishwas regularly gets rounded up by goons and police alike in Amethi. But none of the AAP biggies have been there to campaign for him even once. And don’t know if Arvind has found a candidate against Ashok Chavan in Nanded.

When I raised this question to one of AAP’s supporters, he/she replied that Amethi goes to poll in the later stages. Arvind’s campaign has been planned in a chronological manner. The constituencies which go to poll earlier are covered in the first phase and so on. I had to remind that most of UP goes to poll in the later stage. But Kejriwal’s has already conducted a road show in Kanpur, Mathura, Ghaziabad,  and finally reached Delhi. Again, conveniently avoiding Amethi and Rae Barielly and even Farrukhabad. Again, that’s the one that really hurts Arvind.

Well AAP supporters should not be overly surprised that  Kumar Vishwas has openly started praising the RSS.


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