BJP is akin to holy “Ganga” where opposition leaders taking dip to get rid of their sins

Opinion Polls showing BJP is going to form the next govt. and Modi leading the race to become Prime Minister has made BJP a hot favourite among party hoppers. Scores of politicians from other parties are joining BJP on a daily basis. The same politicians used to decry BJP at every opportunity calling it communal and what not. All these deserts are opportunists and have no love for BJP ideology .They just want tickets and all of them are getting it. Some of them have been denied tickets by their parties and hence have rocked the boat (Ram Kirpal Yadav).

Overall this is good sign for BJP, it shows it is the front runner. It can’t desist people from joining and supporting party. However, giving them tickets at cost of their own leaders is not good. This deprives local deserving leaders from getting tickets and leads to dissidence. Party might be under impression that Modi wave will get them through but it is the local karyakarta at the booth level who will get them votes. This could be the difference in this elections where every seat counts. Confidence is good, overconfidence is bad. BJP is running a Presidential style elections but if local candidate is not good or borrowed from other party which it is accusing of ruining the nation for the past 60 years, it won’t get votes.

BJP is fast becoming the holy Ganga where purane paapis from different parties get rid of their sins by taking a dip in this holy river. It is fast becoming a party which is favourite among all deserters (dal-badlu). BJP beware aapki Ganga mailey na ho jayee!

There should be some policy for deserters no tickets to people who have spent less than 1 year in party (cooling off period). Aam Aadmi Party has this policy, am not sure whether it is implementing the same. The scene is similar to an  organisation wherein the in house candidate is always ignored and people from outside hired to fill senior positions. BJP after all is also an organisation……

Recently party denied ticket to its old horse Jaswant Singh from Barmer. What is interesting is that it gave ticket to Congressman who joined a week back. The same Congressman who sweared on Sonia Gandhi’s name till very recently. I am amazed…..

List of people joining BJP from other parties:

1. Ram Kirpal Yadav of Rashtriya Janata Dal joined BJP after he was denied party ticket by Lalu who gave the Patliputra seat to his daughter.

2. Jagdambika Pal of Congress joined BJP and got a seat in UP. He might have got seat from Congress but fear of loss made him jump to BJP.

3. Satpal Maharaj, Congress leader from Uttarakhand has joined BJP. Not sure whether he will be given ticket. Jumped for better prospects and hopeful of becoming CM of Uttarakhand by taking his Congress supportes (8 MLAs) along with him.

4. Congress MP from Gurgaon Rao Inderjit Singh left party and joined Congress after he said what had become a fiefdom of Robert Vadra. Wonder why he was silent all these years when Vadra was buying land all across Haryana.

5. Janata Dal United leader N.K. Singh joined BJP terming Nitish decision to break alliance with BJP a wrong one. Real reason he was denied a Rajya Sabha re-nomination.

6. Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwary has joined BJP and got a ticket from Delhi. A dal-badlu he was earlier in Samajwadi Party.

7. Three AAP members Dharmaveer Singh, Mahender Kaur Narula and Rajendra Kumar Sonkar have joined BJP

8. Three JD(U) leaders Chhedi Paswan, Jai Narain Prasad Nishad and Birendra Kumar Choudhary joined BJP eyeing Lok Sabha seats from Bihar.

9. Former Assam Gana Parishad President Chandra Mohan Patowary and former minister Hitendra Nath Goswami joined party. This has come in the way of BJP forming an alliance with AGP in the state.

10. Many NCP leaders including Fulchand Karad and Sanjay Kaka Patil joined the BJP.  Munde claims he would break the backbone of the NCP party so there will be more desertions.

The list is countless….

Food for though: Wonder how the party which promises eradication of corruption will do so with the same set of people and how it will bring in new fresh ideas with the same old stale leaders. Win-ability is the only criteria….



  1. You are right.I am not an insider of BJP but my guess is two fold.First,it is a matter of arithmatics to get more and more numbers and secondly,to demoralise the opposition.I want to rely upon the wisdom of veteran politicians who are managing the show today.


  2. Well said political baaba…..I totally agree with you….God only knows when we’ll get a better government….. BJP knows it is difficult to achieve 272+…..That is why they’re entertaining every Tom Dick and Harry….Now BJP is no different….I said it earlier I am not sanguine about Indian Politics….Anyways Congress has to go….Next Best alternative is BJP…..#VoteBJP…..#TrustBJP….


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