Staring defeat, Congress leaders running away from fighting for polls

Senior congress leaders are shying from contesting Lok Sabha polls for fear of loss.They are clearly seeing the writing on the wall. People don’t want their deposits to be forfeited as it will put them in bad light. Most of them are already preparing for next Lok Sabha elections in 2019 or planning to rock the boat and join BJP. Exodus already started. Things have come to such a pass that it is highly likely that the party may finish with less than 100 seats. It is banking on AAP to cut into BJP votes but as seen in Delhi state elections, it will actually cut into Congress votes. If AAP does really well (40-50 seats), Congress would struggle to score a fifty. And yuvraj says party will get 200 seats, even Congress leaders laughing behind his back and asking what did he smoke?

Manish Tewarie the pheku was shitting in pants after AAP and Akali Dal put up strong candidates against him. He was till last day trying hard to impress upon Rahul Gandhi not to give ticket to Pawan Kumar Bansal (Railways scam) from Chandigarh and give the seat to him. Rahul’s problem if he applies the rule of no ticket to tainted, few would pass the test. Seat was given to Bansal, then Tewarie tried to excuse himself on the pretext of bad health. Last heard he was forced by Rahul to stand from Ludhiana.

Reluctant Raj Babbar changed his seat while cricketer Azharuddin has been asking for a change in seat (moved to Ajmer). Top most leader & finance minister Chidambaram also has shown preference for Rajya Sabha route. Last time too he just managed to scrape through by 3500 votes and a case is still on in courts challenging his election. So playing safe this time, as DMK is not with Congress. Instead got the seat allocated to his son. Person who boasts that growth under UPA has been more than NDA, running away from elections tying his lungi to his waist. Clearly shows he knows all his claims were false. He recently also said that Congress were underdogs in this election. Clearly seeing the writing on the wall. So no chance of winning. Manmohan Singh has never fought L. Sabha elections anyways, he lost from Delhi when Congress sweeped the state 6-1.

PC Chacko senior leader of Congress from Kerala recently blamed MMS for failing to interact with media and putting Congress in an unpredictable situation. Why didn’t you say this earlier Chackoji? A.K. Antony stalwart minister and Gandhi family loyalist is a Rajya Sabha member and never had any mass base anyways. Ahmed Patel family’s confidante has never fought an election. As per reports Sachin Pilot not keen to contest from same seat as last time. MPs from Delhi already talking abut next election with their supporters. There is nobody worthwhile left in the party to contest from Seemandhra. Only allies Congress has today are Lalu, Pawar and Abdullahs. Lalu can’t contest, Pawar already chose Rajya Sabha seat ad keeps Congress guessing by praising Modi.

You have to give it to Rahul and Sonia that they are the only mass leaders in Congress. In Uttar Pradesh all their ministers – Khurshid, Beni, Jaiswal, Prasad, RPN Singh all expected to lose. Where is the Youth brigade of Rahul? Things have come to such a pass that a person who was in the list of candidates from Madhya Pradesh left Congress and joined BJP. Exodus has already started. Rao Inderjit Singh, Jagdambika Pal, Satyapal Maharaj etc. Nilekani among few new entrants who have donned Congress hat. Rahul jokes that Congress will get 200 seats. Most of its ministers like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma etc, do not have any mass base. Congress seriously in trouble as there are no takers for its tickets.

Lack of strong leadership will hurt Congress. Leaders who won last time were due to TINA factor and Gandhi family charm. Luck also played a key role as 40% of seats won by Congress were very close contests <5% victory margin. Even god can’t save Congress this time. Allies have shunted them. Their own stalwarts don’t want to fight and want to work for party who is going to lose big time. Diggi the joker doesn’t have the balls to fight anyways….


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