Battleground for Lok Sabha: Key Political Parties – Telangana Rashtra Samiti

TRS is regional political party in Andhra Pradesh. It was formed in 2001, when its President K. Chandrasekhar Rao quit Telugu Desam Party and formed his own outfit. The party has been a votary of separate Telangana state. Like any regional party, TRS has been with both UPA and NDA alliances earlier.

Due to constant pressure built up by TRS and to reap political gains in the region Congress announced creation of separate Telangana recently. Even BJP supported the same. TRS is expected to benefit from the creation of separate state.

Rao had stated earlier that if Congress creates Telangana, TRS would merge with it. Congress after creation of state started pushing TRS for a merger. The wily character he is, he dilly dallied. Congress then wanted to have a pre poll alliance. Again he dithered. Alliance with Congress will make him Chief Minister. Alliance with BJP will make him CM plus will also fetch him some ministeries in center as BJP is expected to come to power. Most probably he would join NDA post polls.

Election Symbol


Historical Performance in Lok Sabha (Andhra Pradesh)

Party won 5 seats in 2004 in alliance with Congress. In 2009 it entered into an alliance with TDP (which opposes creation of Telangana and party from whom Rao had split earlier) and won only 2 seats. What an ideology sirji….

Prospects in Lok Sabha 2014

The party is expected to to well in Telangana which has 17 Lok Sabha seats. There are many claimants to the creation of the state like Congress and BJP. This will prevent sweep by TRS. Politicalbaaba estimates 8 seats for TRS.

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