Elections 2014: The Countdown to the Circus Begins


National elections in India are like a circus. The same is due in April-May 2014. Groups of party men from different parties camp across cities in India. They campaign for a month or so and then go back to their respective houses not to be seen for another 5 years.

There are national level, branded circuses (Congress, BJP), regional circuses (Lalu, Mulayam, Maya, Jayalalitha, Mamata etc.). A new circus has joined the bandwagon – Aam Aadmi Party. Lions (nation level leaders), jokers (spokespersons) and ringmaster (local heavyweight karyakartas) are the mainstay of any circus. Lions are a rare species nowadays while jokers are a plenty. Even the national level circuses have only one lion who hops from one city to another showing his prowess. Jokers fill in the gap and entertain the crowd. But while lion comes and gets the maximum applaud, it is the ringmaster (local heavyweight karyakartas) who…

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