Battleground for Lok Sabha: Key Political Parties – Jharkhand Mukti Morcha


JMM is a regional party which is strong in Jharkhand. It is in power in the state with founder Shibu Soren’s son Hemant Soren as Chief Minister. Congress is also a partner in the govt. The party is credited with formation of Jharkhand state in 2000. It was formed somewhere between 1977-1980 and is an offshoot of the Jharkhand Party. It also has some presence in neighbouring border areas of W. Bengal and Orissa.

Party first came into prominence in early 1990s when it’s name surfaced in the cash for votes scam. MPs of JMM allegedly took money to vote for and bail out Narasimha Rao’s govt. The party and it’s leaders are power hungry and they have been part of every govt. in Jharkhand either with Congresss or BJP. Anything for power.

Leader Shibu Soren was convicted in a murder case by lower courts, later acquitted by High court. He was Coal Minister in Manmohan Singh’s govt. The Soren family is responsible for the mess Jharkhand is in today.

Election Symbol

Prospects in 2014 elections

The party has a tie up with Congress wherein JMM has got Chief Ministership in return for more seats to Congress in Lok Sabha. Together with Congress it is expected to win 4 out of 14 seats in Jharkhand as per Politicalbaaba. The party is a hopper and can also go the NDA way if it gets a good deal. Soren loves to be a Minister.

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