Kejri tells Modi bura na maano Holi hai, to fight from Varanasi

Kejri Baba announced at a rally in Bangalore yesterday that party has decided that he should fight against Modi from Varanasi. The cameras interestingly were focusing only on Kejri and not showing rally footage, probably because of low turnout (last heard 1,500). How much did Kejri pay media wallahs to hide the rally strength. Anybody? The low sound of claps and cheers indicated rally was a flop. Kejri in his usual hit and run style continued his tirade against Modi. Ambani is running the country and he keeps Rahul in left pocket & Modi in right. Same old ghisapita story. Negative politics, so what how will you change this, no answers.

Looking fresh & happy from a dinner where 200 corporate guests paid Rs. 20,000 per seat and AAP collected Rs. 40 lakhs, Kejri then threw a googly. He said that he will hold a grand rally in Varansai on 23rd March and if the people of Varanasi urge him to fight he will follow their orders. Why did he say so? Did he keep an escape route for himself? He admitted that fight against Modi is not easy.

So how will he come to know whether people of Varanasi want him to fight against Modi or not? City has a population of 12 lakhs. Will he indulge in sms campaign like in Delhi? Will Yogendra Yadav carry a survey and try to found out? Will people from other parts of India have a say? Or will it be purely based on the turnout at rally. This ofcourse will be rigged to match his ultimate decision. If he wants to fight he will say he has received overwhelming support. If he wants to escape he will say people want him to focus on other bigger issues. What happens if people of Varanasi tell him not to contest? Then he will probably say Ambani has paid them and entire population of Varanasi is corrupt.

Kejri is a smart character. He knows Varanasi is not Delhi and Modi not Shiela. Varanasi is a Hindu town with ancient temples which identifies itself with Hindu nationalist Modi. His tirade against Modi will get him some opposition votes but most likely to lose. This he knows could spoil his career forever.

So why this drama? By doing this he remains on front page of newspapers and gets airtime on TV from media he has accused as paid media. This will give him some coverage. Plus he is trying to force other parties to drop candidates in his favour to make it a direct Modi vs Kejri fight. He knows anyways after elections know one going to give him any footage? So make hay till the sun shines!

Poor Yogendra Yadav. I pity him his holi is ruined in devising as stargety for 23 Mar. He is making 2 sets of documents one what to say if Kejri indeed fights what to say if he doesn’t. Plus he also has to conduct survey. Must be cursing Kejri. Who advised Kejri to fight from Varanasi. YY? Does he want to emerge as main leader after Kejri loses election and face in Varanasi.

Supporters of Kejri might say he is challenging and try to change the system. My only advice to Kejri is don’t play on the intelligence of the Indian voter. Voter is very smart. If it can make you CM, of Delhi in national interest it can also make you lose deposit in Varanasi again in national interest.

The chap is very unpredictable and we will have to wait and see what he finally does. Interesting next week upto 23rd. Kejri all over…. 

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