Battleground for Lok Sabha: Key Political Parties – Lok Janshakti Party

Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) led by Ram Vilas Paswan is a regional political party in Bihar. It is an offshoot of the erstwhile Janata Dal, the party being formed in 2000 after Paswan broke away from Sharad Yadav’s Janata Dal (United). The party has considerable following among Dalits in Bihar.

The party was part of United Front govt. in 1996-1998, Vajpayee’s govt. of 1999-2004 (though Paswan resigned after Godhra riots) and Manmohan Singh’s govt. from 2004-09. Essentially ideology is to be in power.

Party fought Lok Sabha elections in alliance with Lalu and Congress in 1999 and won 4 seats. Paswan became minister. In 2009 Lalu & Paswan ditched Congress and fought alone. They were routed. LJP won nil seats.

In 2014, party in a surprise move announced tie up with BJP and re-entry into NDA fold. Paswan gave humiliation at hands of Congress-Lalu as the reason. True reason we all know is that he doesn’t want to be part of sinking ship. LJP is expected to benefit more than BJP through this alliance. For BJP it is a symbolic victory, return of so called secular (with Muslim votebank) party into NDA.

Election Symbol

Lok Janshakti party.png

Prospects in Lok Sabha 2014

LJP has been allotted 7 seats out of 40 seats in Bihar. With the help of BJP support, Politicalbaaba expects it to win 3-4 seats.

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