Battleground for Lok Sabha: Key Political Parties – Trinamool Congress


Trinamool Congress (TMC) led by Mamata, was founded in 1997, after separating from Congress on the issue of foreign origin of Sonia. With 19 Lok Sabha members, it is the sixth largest party in current Lok Sabha. The party has sizeable presence in W. Bengal and some N. Eastern states. TMC uprooted the 34-year rule of the Communist parties in West Bengal and Mamata became Chief Minister with a landslide victory in 2011.

The party is all about Mamata, Mamata and Mamata. She is a maverick leader and her popularity has taken a hit due to some controversial decisions. She has been both with the UPA and NDA (exhibiting that regional parties like hers have no ideology). She was a Railway minister in Vajpayee’s as well as Manmohan Singh’s govt. She withdrew support to BJP govt. after Tehelka expose. In Sep. 2012, she withdrew support to the UPA due to govt. decision to allow FDI in retail, diesel price hike and other reasons.

Mulayam and others were keen to enrol her in Third Front. However, her entire politics is anti-Communist and since Left parties are part of the front she couldn’t join. Socialist Anna Hazare has agreed to campaign for Mamata. She nurses Prime Ministerial ambitions.

Lately she garnered anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s support for her party and her Prime Ministerial claim. Anna was ostensibly touched by her simplicity. Anna vowed to campaign her for the Lok Sabha polls. Anna as confused as ever said that his support for Didi is only till Lok Sabha polls. What about after that? Then how will she become PM? Anyways, Anna and Mamata were to reveal TMC’s national ambitions at a big rally in Delhi yesterday. Anna dumped Mamata and didn’t turn up ostensibly because of low turnout. God save India from these jokers!

Election Symbol

All India Trinamool Congress flag.svg

Historical Performance in W.Bengal (Lok Sabha)

1998 1999 2004 2009
Seats Won 7 8 1 19
% of W.Bengal Seats 16.7% 19.0% 2.4% 45.2%

TMC recorded its best performance in W. Bengal in 2009 when in fought elections in alliance with Congress (what an irony, the very party it split from).

Possibilities in  Lok Sabha 

Polls predict that she will do really well in Lok Sabha elections. She withdrew from UPA at the correct time and does not carry baggage of misgovernance of UPA. Plus Left Front is still not recovered from 2011 state elections loss. Party predicted to win 20-30 seats. Politicalbaaba projects 25 seats for TMC.

She has not joined Third Front and won’t in any circumstance. Her chances of becoming Prime Minister are also dim. The party may support BJP post polls, but not Modi as PM. BJP is not a threat to TMC in W. Bengal, which will tilt the decision in its favour. In that case TMC will retain Railways Ministry.


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