Elections 2014 – The Countdown Begins

Election Commission announced dates to the Lok Sabha Elections yesterday. Elections will be held on 9 dates starting from April 7 to May 12. Counting on May 16, a full 72 day affair.

Pundits and surveys have already written off UPA which has been running (some may call it ruining) the country for the past 10 years. UPA headed by a proclaimed honest Prime Minister who has captained the biggest scams in the history of India. A PM who was remote controlled by powerful political family who has been ruling India since Independence like a monarch / kingdom.

The principal opposition party BJP which heads NDA has put forth its Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate. Modi has been doing a whirlwind tour of India gathering huge crowds at his rallies. Pollsters, surveys, research houses, international media have already declared him as the next Prime Minister of India. But elections in India can always throw up surprises. Like in 2004. India was shining. But ruling party BJP lost.

Regional parties are gleaning. They see another hung Parliament and hence an opportunity to bargains for ministerial berths. In India today things have got to such a point that independents / one MP parties are the best placed. No ideology. Sad but true!

What does this elections mean for India? The country is facing economic slowdown, investments by corporate sector have taken a beating, corruption is at its peak and prices rising on a daily basis. Common man is disillusioned, youth has lost hope. Rating agencies / foreign investors all watching this elections closely. A khichdi govt. has large scale ramifications for Indian population.

What do we need to do? Get yourself enrolled, 9th Mar. is the last day. Go out and vote. A lot of youth working in other states have their voter ID cards in their home state. Take leave and vote. It is important! Apply your mind, don’t get swayed by others, vote for you think is best for the country, vote for stability and growth, vote for yourself…. Don’t repent later.

While polls and surveys show a hung Parliament, we should not be surprised if we see a political formation getting majority or very close to majority. Intelligence of the voter should not be questioned. Assembly polls after last Lok Sabha elections in 2009 have all seen clear voting by people. W. Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh. Except for Delhi, well they are extra intelligent….

Well the bugle for the biggest circus in world has been blown……


  1. Good Write Up by the author…..An appeal to the masses to vote and earn a Stable government at the center……The author has prescribed a valid and only solution i.e. to vote. Every single Vote is important…..I also hope that Election Commission of India can do something for NRIs….so that they can approach the consulate and caste their votes……Thank You……


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