As Elections Near, War for Allies Heats Up


The war between UPA (led by Congress) and NDA (led by BJP) is heating up as D-day approaches. With most opinion polls showing the favourite NDA falling short of majority, NDA is desperately looking for new allies. Congress on the other hand is wooing allies to spoil the chances of BJP. Others excluding Left Front are expected to get 170-180 seats (1/3rd of Lok Sabha strength). So every seat counts!

Regional parties like Shiv Sena and Akali Dal have been with NDA for long. Congress is currently left with Pawar’s NCP, National Conference (NC)., Soren’s JMM and RLD.

India has seen coalition govts. since 1990s under PV Narasimha Rao (1991-1996), under Deve Gowda & IK Gujral (1996-98), under AB Vajpayee (1998-2004) and under Manmohan Singh (2004-current). Smaller / bigger regional parties have supported govts. at the center in turn for ministerial berths and packages for their states. Most of these…

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