Kejriwal resigns, Delhi & its people lose


#AAP’s govt. in #Delhi has fallen. It lasted for 48 days. Its ironical that on Valentine’s Day, it’s partner (Congress) served a divorce notice. People had a lot of expectations from this govt. Obstacles were expected to come its way, but instead of facing them it buckled under pressure and ran away from the race.


Party made a fantastic debut in Delhi state assembly elections finishing 2nd behind BJP. BJP won 32 and AAP won 28 seats. Kejriwal defeated 3 time Chief Minister Shiela Dixit by a handsome margin. Congress was reduced to 8 seats. BJP declined to form govt. as it didn’t have the numbers. Kejriwal perhaps got greedy and desire to become CM overpowered him. AAP which fought the elections opposing Congress tooth and nail ran a sms / online campaign asking people whether it should form govt. or not. Finally it formed govt. with outside support of…

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