Congress throws in towel; doesn’t name Rahul as PM candidate

After drubbing received by Congress in the state elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Delhi (4-0), Congress President Sonia Gandhi had declared that the party will announce its Prime Ministerial candidate at an opportune time. This led to speculation that Rahul’s name might be announced as PM nominee in the All India Congress Committee meet to be held in Jan. 2014. Congress sycophants started issuing statements in favour of Rahul’s anointment (has to be they can’t think of anybody else). Even Rahul in an interview said that he was ready to take on whatever role party entrusted on him. Stage was set for 17th Jan. as the D-Day.

In between Diggi Baba came out and warned Sonia of taking such a decision. He could see the writing on the wall and probably got an inkling that announcement will actually spoil party’s chances. He gave global gyan that India is a democracy wherein elected party Members of Parliament select their leader.

Rahul is no match for Modi. Most partymen accept it. Many of them backing Priyanka but Sonia prefers Rahul. Though she is of foreign origin, she seems too have caught on India’s old tradition / custom wherein beta is considered superior to beti.

So essentially party was torn into two camps. Sonia ultimately decided to refrain from announcing Rahul as PM candidate. She named him Congress Election Campaign Chief. This has given a lease of life to loyalists like Chidambaram, Antony, Shinde, Meira Kumar etc. They have started say dreaming, that in the remote event of Congress being able to form govt., their chance might come.

Why Congress didn’t announce Rahul as PM candidate?

1) It is not in tradition of Congress to announce PM candidate. Wrong. Manmohan Singh was announced as PM candidate in 2009. In state elections recently Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh, Sheila Dixit in Delhi and Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan were declared as CM candidates.

2) In democracy PM is chosen by elected members of Lok Sabha of party forming govt. Right. But since when has Congress party started believing in democracy. It is the most undemocratic party in the country. Nothing apart from family name works. Where was this democracy when Sitaram Kesri was carried away by men when he challenged / opposed Sonia’s Presidential candidature. Further a mockery of democracy was done when a apolitical person was made PM. Who made Manmohan PM? Congress MPs or Sonia? The remote control was kept with the UPA Chairman. All good work of UPA I & II was taken credit for by Sonia and Rahul. All scams, wrong decisions were attributed to Manmohan. I have said this before, Congress has produced many tall leaders Nehru, Sonia, Rajiv but the smartest of them has been the novice Sonia. By not becoming PM she gained sympathy but had all powers thru UPA Chairmanship. Power without any responsibility.

3) Just because competition has named PM candidate Congress won’t. Fair enough! But the real reason is that many in Congress fear that Rahul cannot stand against Modi’s reputation of an experienced administrator. Though Rahul doesn’t have a corrupt image but he lacks experience and political acumen many Indians feel. Party’s fortunes instead of rising could decline if he is named PM candidate. Plus this will put him in direct fight with Modi. And how can yuvraj loose? That too to one who used to sell tea. He is of high class and can’t be compared to aam aadmi.

Congress party’s press release post elections is ready for both the scenarios. If they win reason will be due to Rahul’s netritava (leadership). If they lose it will be due to kamjor sangathan (weak organization).

Congress has thrown in the towel even before the fight has started. Now Congress is relying on regional parties and newbie AAP to somehow spoil Modi’s chances. The party is praying for a fragmented mandate so that it can come back to power through backdoor like in Delhi. After all they enjoy power without responsibility!

Also Rahul who lost his father at an early age seems to be influenced by his mother. He wants to have remote control. That gives him more high! All powers no accountability. Create perception in minds of people that there is a difference between Congress party & Congress govt. What rubbish! Anyways they have shown that they are on a weak footing vis-a-vis the Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Your thoughts please….. Also request you to participate in poll.


  1. The blog reflects the truth about congress party and its inability to declare PM Candidate. There are indeed myriad of reasons why they’re wary of naming their own PM candidate. Even if they do, they achieve ‘none’ out of upcoming LS polls. I agree you. Very well presented post with good analysis and analogy. Congress strength for upcoming LS polls is regional parties alliance with them. Thank you 🙂


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