AAP MLA becomes the most famous “Binny” after cricketer Roger

Aam Aadmi Party’s MLA Vinod Binny held a press conference recently and accused party leadership and Kejriwal of deviating from its poll promises. He alleged that AAP was working hand in glove with Congress, party against whom it had fought bitterly in the elections. Vinod had threatened of a similar press conference after being denied a ministerial berth in December end but AAP somehow managed to convince him. What led to the current outburst is unknown? Kejriwal says Binny wanted a Lok Sabha ticket This has been vehemently denied by Binny. For highlights of speech refer to the link below:


 Analysis of his major allegations:

1. AAP broke poll promises made before the elections: To note this is not the first political party which has broken promises. Dil pe mat le yaar! All promises of AAP came with a star (*) and were followed by a Terms & Conditions page in font size 6. The T&C page was never distributed along with the manifesto. These T&C are similar to the ones in our insurance policies, sale upto 50% off schemes etc. By the way I have never found an item going for flat 50% off in a sale. These promises were made to attract people in which AAP succeeded. This much you have to give to AAP & Kejri baba.

2. Congress is guiding AAP and Sandeep Dikshit is close to Kejriwal: Nothing new. The day Kejriwal formed govt. in Delhi with outside support of Congress people have been alleging of a deal. Nitin Gadkari even hinted at the name of the industrialist who brokered the deal. Sandeep is close to Kejriwal, the man who defeated his mother Shiela Dixit (3 time CM) by a humiliating >20k vote margin. This is interesting! Rajneeti mein koi kisi ka nahin hota. Sirf personal agenda hota hai! Sandeep might be acting as jasoos of Rahul and giving info. about AAP. Or he might be acting as the middleman between Congress and AAP to increase his profile in party.

3. Distribution of Tickets is a farce: AAP claims to have a very detailed selection criteria. 100 voters should be proposing the name of the aspirant from each assembly constituency of Lok Sabha which means 500-800 depending upon size of population of each seat. Kejri baba’s friend and poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas has declared himself as AAP’s candidate from Amethi. AAP has not denied the same which means he is actually the official candidate. Has he filled any form? Did he submit the signatures of 500 voters of Amethi (it has 5 vidhan sabha seats) proposing his name? Have sabhas taken place in Amethi to discuss the various candidates? Doubtful! So accusation seems to be correct.

4. Kejriwal & his coterie rule the party: Kejriwal and his friends (Sisodia, Vishwas, Sanjay, Gopal) formed the party so its logical they will be running the show. Binny should have thought about it before joining. Majority parties in India are undemocratic and family dynasties (Congress, BJD, Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, DMK, JDS, RLD, SP etc.) so AAP also going the same way and not very different.

Why did this happen?

Scores of people are joining AAP on a daily basis. They can be categorized into:

(i) genuine people who want to support the cause and are fed up of current political class

(ii) rejects of other parties who don’t see themselves getting a ticket in their respective parties (opportunists)

(iii) apolitical people who want to realize their dream of becoming a politician & fight elections

It is very difficult to sift through these people or do a background check. Kejri giving the impression that whoever joins the party is a “doodh ka dhula” is wrong. Binny was given a “character certificate” by Kejri Baba when he was declared as AAP candidate from Lakshminagar. Now same Kejri and friends alleging Binny singing BJP’s tunes. Ofcourse how could he sing Congress tunes, AAP is the B team of Congress.  Hoards of people will continue to join because some of them want tickets for Lok Sabha, state assemblies, mayor, councilor elections. Some people come along with aspirations and have nothing to do with ideology of party. Media persons, industrialists who have defaulted on bank loans and ex Congress / BJP guys joining AAP bandwagon in the hope that Kejri baba’s jadoo will make them Member of Parliament. So you should not be surprised if more people come out in the future.

Will this dent party’s image?

Not much I would say. AAP has been able to convince its supporters that Congress = BJP hence BJP is no alternative. So people will continue to be drawn towards it. 1 MLA revolting will not dent its prospects unless many more come out openly. But one thing for sure these controversies will not help its cause. Supporters would want to give it a chance and more time to prove their worth. Many feel AAP is the cleanest among all parties and better than other parties. After all these things keep happening in other parties and AAP is now a political party, albeit not “with a difference” as it used to claim…

Your thoughts please………..

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  1. You have sketched to protest made by Binny.Is the protest begining of the end?Kejriwal appears to be in hurry to reach the highest office.Getting support PanIndia for reasons disclosed by you.But the moot question is,will he get support all around and would people further fragment the votes?Let us see.


    1. Thanks Sir for your comments. Unfortunately some section of people appear to have had been influenced by Kejriwal. Whether he continues to get further support or his base will dwindle will depend upon his future actions / misdeeds. I am not sure whether you saw this “AAP Projections”. 15 seats max is what it seems currently. These were made before Binny episode. https://politicalbaaba.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/2014-lok-sabha-projections-how-many-seats-will-aaam-aaadmi-party-win/ Pls have a look.


  2. Yes Binny is not at all Roger Binny. Binny MLA will take ages to be like Roger Binny. Binny betrayed his own party. Speaking of AAP, AAP has no control over its own subordinates and their behaviour. People will eventually throw them in the Dust Bin. Thank you 🙂


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