2014 Lok Sabha Projections: How many seats will Aaam Aaadmi Party win?


The new kid on the block, AAP, has shocked the entire political class by emerging as the 2nd largest party & forming the govt. in Delhi with outside support of Congress. The kind of response they have got has shocked the political pundits and given sleepless nights to Congress, BJP & other regional parties. AAP’s announcement that they would contest 300 seats in Lok Sabha has made the otherwise 2 way contest a triangular one. In metros, Kejriwal has pipped Rahul and is now the 2nd choice for Prime Minister of the surveyed class behind Modi. Many have already started saying that he could derail Modi’s Prime Ministerial ambitions. Even RSS and Modi have become jittery.


How many seats will AAP win in Lok Sabha? Will it damage Congress more than BJP or vice-a-versa? Will it be able to replicate its success of Delhi in other cities? Will it be…

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  1. I susect Aap will get atleast 15 – 25 seats
    in 2014
    with following no of seats which shall only improve with better campain
    1-2 tamil nadu
    3-4 delhi
    3-4 hariyana
    5-7 up
    3- 4 maharastra


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