Defining Moments of Indian Politics in 2013

The political landscape in India witnessed regular upheavals in 2013 – scams, scandals, alliances broken, new alliances made, state elections, disruptions in parliament etc. etc. But two events changed the entire picture – anointment of Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate of principal opposition party (Bhartiya Janata Party) & appointment of aam aadmi Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minister of Delhi.


Anointment of Modi amidst a weak UPA government led to a hysteria and wave throughout the country. He held massive rallies (>1 lakh attendance) throughout the country and even in bastions where BJP has marginal presence (Tamil Nadu / Andhra Pradesh / Kerala). In all surveys he emerged as the no. 1 choice of PM. Even international investor community backed him to change the fate of India. He led BJP to a stunning win in 3 crucial state elections – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh and helped BJP emerge as the single largest party in Delhi. He captured significant airtime on national television.

Politicalbaaba covered his journey from appointment as BJP election committee chief to PM candidate. Links of popular posts below:

His charge to the center in a way was throttled by an aam aadmi Arvind Kejriwal’s whose new party Aam Aadmi Party won the second highest seats in Delhi & formed govt. Last 1 month he has taken over from Modi and swamped airtime on national television. Party’s innovative ways of campaigning, funding, selection of candidates, involving public in key decisions, anti-corruption crusade and anti-political establishment ideology has caught the imagination of people. After becoming CM he has fulfilled 2 of his big promises – free water & 50% reduction in power bills. Though critics slam him for his freebies, he has hopefully started a new trend in Indian politics. Only time will tell whether he & his party survive, but has enough punch to scare big parties & upset Modi’s plans in national elections.

Politicalbaaba covered his journey from election campaign to becoming CM of Delhi. Links of popular posts below:

Both these men are expected to play role in Indian politics in years to come & remain in limelight. Modi could become PM while Kejriwal as CM of Delhi could force parties to change the way politics is carried out in India. All the best to both!

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