Modi gets emotional after clean chit in Gujarat Riots Case. Criticism won’t stop, But Who Cares?


Zakia Jafri had filed a review petition in Ahmadabad sessions court against clean chit to Modi by Supreme Court appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT). The court rejected Zakia’s appeal plea. She has vowed to continue to fight. It may be recalled that Zakia is wife of former Congress MP Ehsan Zafri who was among the 69 killed in Gulbarg society massacre during 2002 Gujarat riots. She accuses Modi of conspiracy & colluding with senior police officials / bureaucrats to facilitate communal violence in the state.

Congress, Left & other opposition parties have constantly criticized Modi for not handling well the riot situation and acting as a conspirator to the riots. Even USA has denied visa to Modi on this account. BJP has accused NGOs, Zakia & others of playing into Congress hands and maintained Modi performed his duties well. Congress has demanded apology which BJP has dismissed.

Against, this backdrop, Modi who remained silent on this topic for past 11 years, expressed his feeling through an emotional blog post. I am sure you must have read it. Link below:

Contents of Blog Post

Modi expressed his anguish / pain over the riots. He countered criticism by saying that he did all within his power to control riots and whatever happened was unfortunate / regrettable. He praised the Gujarati population of coming out strongly post riots and creating an environment of sadbhavana in the state. He attributed the clean chit to victory of truth and not a personal victory.

Why did Modi break his silence?


Modi, the PM candidate of BJP (the principal opposition party) has often been criticized of remaining silent over his involvement in Gujarat riots. The blog post is a strategy to aggressively silence critics. He also wanted to reach out to minority community to show that he did all he could and is in no way a conspirator in the riots. Target audience was also the so called liberal / psuedo secular Hindu who has lambasted Modi time & again and held him responsible for the riots.

As CM of course he was responsible / accountable, just like Railway Minister is responsible in case of train mishap, Home Minister in case of of terrorist attack, Finance Minister in case of economy slowdown, but to call him a conspirator is taking the logic too far. Actually it is bullshit! Its not difficult to gauge who is behind these cases / attacks on Modi, Zakia is wife of former Congress MP and belongs to the votebank.

Will this stop criticism?

No, critics will continue to attack him. Congress will continue to say that clean chit is not a vindication for Modi. Zakia will approach higher courts. This will take years. Even after Supreme Court clears Modi, of course it will, as there is no evidence against him, opposition will continue to target him. Unfortunately, Modi is up against a psuedo secular / intellectual public trial and biased media trial. These people will not stop the tirade. But who cares!

People have seen how Congress openly supported Sikh massacre and gave ministerial positions to people involved (Tytler, Sajjan Kumar). How they have shielded them from Central Bureau of Investigation? How Rajiv Gandhi said “When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes”. 2,732 people were killed in Sikh massacre vs 1,044 in Gujarat riots. Have Sikhs got justice?

I pity the intelligence of liberal & educated Hindus that Congress has apologized for Sikh riots and made Manmohan Singh, a Sikh, the PM, hence they forgive Congress. But Modi has not apologized. WTF. What logic is this? Congress didn’t apologize, MMS did that in Parliament. So Congress cannot wash its hands off!

People are not fools and understand all this. Minority community should also come forward and understand politics being played by Congress. In Uttar Pradesh, community has suffered at hands of saviour Samajwadi Party govt. Its high time they question the appeasement politics and vote for growth / stability. Modi has expressed regret, is a champion of development, why not vote for him? Congress has not given you anything in the last 60 years. Free laptops, cycles won’t do any good. Community needs good education and jobs.

Congress Reaction: Modi has not apologized

Why should he? Apology is for a mistake. He did no mistake. I am glad that Modi didn’t fall into Congress trap. If he apologizes Congress will pounce upon him and say he has said sorry because he did something wrong. And then they would bloat it. If he doesn’t they still criticize him. Double standards!

Manish Tiwari, Congress spokesperson said: Blog post reflects sanctimoniousness and is humbug. WTF. What is the meaning of these two words? Leave it why waste time? Have better things to do!

All in all a very well crafted blog post to silence critics and woo minority community / liberal Hindus. Expression of regret enhances his image. Showcases his softer side. And shows he is human…


  1. Modi has been behaving in a manner a statesman should, he tries to do thing rightly, speak sensibly, however, the public at large have to be given a dose in harsher words for keeping them alert.


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