Why is Kejriwal ready to bite the bullet & form govt. in Delhi?



Governor called  the single largest party BJP to form govt. in Delhi. BJP declined saying it didn’t have the numbers. Congress in the meanwhile sent an unconditional letter of support for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to Governor. Mr. Jung called Kejriwal to discuss about govt. formation. Kejriwal requested for 10 days time. He said that AAP has written to both Congress & BJP asking for response on 18 questions. This was discussed in earlier post “Who will form the govt. in Delhi”.  https://politicalbaaba.wordpress.com/2013/12/14/who-will-form-the-govt-in-delhi-bjp-aap-or-re-elections/

While BJP didn’t reply to the letter, Congress replied by saying that 16 of 18 questions are administrative in nature and support is never unconditional. BJP queered the pitch by blaming AAP of running away from responsibility of forming govt. This is when Kejriwal sprung another surprise. He said that AAP will conduct a referendum in Delhi and outside and ask people whether they wanted it…

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