Priyanka to contest elections? Workers say yes, party says no.

On the day of stampede, rumours were agog that Priyanka Gandhi (or is it Vadra), may be contesting polls this time from UP. Not only that, she might campaign extensively for the party. Infact, as per reports Allahabad Congress district unit has passed a resolution to field Priyanka from Phulpur constituency.

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that if NaMo popularity soars, Madam may use Priyanka to NaMo impact and she is her bramhastra. But this could also mean showing loss of confidence in Rahul.

Party workers have realized that Rahul may not be able to match Modi juggernaut and demanded Priyanka should lead party campaign. Desperation I think has settled in earlier than predicted. Congress vehemently denied this saying that BJP planted this story to divert attention from stampede. What logic Maken sahib? Statements of Congress spokespersons defy all logic. Did BJP force Allahabad Cong. Unit to pass Priyanka resolution?

Meanwhile, Madam seems to be not in favour of using the bramhastra. She has been in India for long and seems to have adopted some Indian practices, wherein beta is considered your uttaradhikari (heir) and not beti. Beti to parayi hoti hai. Plus she is wary of the wily fox Raabert. If Priyanka comes into active politics, Raabert’s graph will rise, which could be counter-productive for the party and mother-son duo.

Plus, I feel this Gandhi magic won’t work in urban areas. Sonia Antonio Manio became Sonia Gandhi after marriage to Rajiv Gandhi. How come Priyanka Gandhi still carry the name Gandhi? She can technically. But she is now Priyanka Vadra. Chetan Bhagat aptly put this in twitter. How come she is part of Gandhi family? Family using the Gandhi tag to keep alive the name. Not be surprised if Priyanka’s children one day become Congress President or Prime Minister of the country. Will be a black day for India.

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