Jagan & Naidu force fed in chronological order

Congress cracked its whip on the two fasting politicians – Jagan of YSR Congress and Chandrababu Naidu of TDP – fasting against creation of Telangana. They both were whisked away by police and force fed in hospital. By the way, Congress released dated letters from both parties which showed they supported the creation of new state thinking this will severely dent the credibility of both. However, letter will have no impact on YSR and TDP’s electoral fortunes.

As posted in my earlier post, Naidu, the wily politician deliberately started fast 2 days later as he knew this will help him to claim that he lasted more.


Congress cracked the whip in chronological order. Let both of them get equal media coverage. Perhaps in a bid to keep them both in good humour if Congress needs their support post elections. If Congress wouldn’t have force fed, what would have happened? They would both have ended their fast some days later claiming party cadre pressure. So it was anyways not a fast unto death but a fast unto hospitalization.

Failed to understand what was derived from the fast politics. Nothing. Thousands of babies were killed in hospitals and entire Andhra came to a standstill. Who is responsible? Its time politicians use their clout / support to get done something noble / community work – like cleaning river, gardens etc.

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