Congress set to impose President’s rule to throw its own govt. out of power in Andhra

With no consensus emerging in Andhra Congress, the state is headed for President’s Rule. President’s rule is a weapon which has been used (misused is the correct word actually) by Congress to dismiss state governments in the past. This will be the first time that Congress will use it against its own government. This will be done to prevent loss of face in public eye.

For creation of separate state, state assembly resolution is required. Going by current opposition from local Congress MLAs (some under pressure as Jagan and Naidu are opposing the same and some under ideology) state assembly is not likely to pass a favourable opposition. Plus the CM himself is not supporting Telangana.

After Jagan’s overtures that he might support NaMo, Congress has decided to go ahead with creation of Telangana. Congress had 33 MPs from the state in 2009 elections and was slated to get less than 5. Jagan and Naidu would sweep Seemandhra while TRS would sweep Telangana. At least with creation of Telngana it will get votes there and support of Rao of TRS. A win win situation for Comgress.

This has left Cong Seemandhra leaders in a tizzy. What would they do? They would all have to leave Congress and join Jagan / Naidu or start their own party. Their political careers in Seemandhra will be finished if they don’t take this step.

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