Fast politics in Andhra – Jagan and Naidu indefinite fast against bifurcation

Two top leaders of Andhra – Jagan Reddy of YSR Congress and Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party have decided to go on a fast unto death against Center’s decision to create Telangana. Jagan’s fast has started in Hyderabad while Naidu’s fast starts from Monday in Delhi.

Jagan was the first to announce his fast, under pressure Naidu also was forced to follow suit. Both parties are opposed to Telangana and will fight for the same votes in Seemandhra (25 seats). Hence the competition. Naidu the wily politician delayed it by 2 days to get ample media coverage. He feels that by starting early Jagan will retire first and then he can pinpoint fingers at him. It will be interesting to see who gets hospitalized first in this drama. I agree that creating smaller states not necessarily leads to better development (Jharkhand, Uttarakand are examples). But Telangana also represents aspirations of millions of people which can’t be ignored.

Do both feel that under the threat of fast, decision will be taken back by Congress. Not really. Jagan’s praise of NaMo and open criticism of Congress (Sonia bifurcated state to make her son Rahul PM) gave signal that he will not fall in line. Hence, with no hope of any seats in Andhra Pradesh (united) Congress went ahead with Telangana. At least it will get votes there. Jagan alleges that it is a political decision. Of course it is. Though I agree with his viewpoint that state assembly resolution backing the state has not yet been adopted (normally followed for creation of separate state). Jagan will challenge this decision in S. Court and it will be interesting to see the outcome. Many Congress leader have also resigned from ministries including Chiranjeevi. Am not sure what will be the future course of action for these leaders. Congress is not agreeing to their demands of united Andhra. Then basically they have no option but to leave the party and join YSR Cong, TDP, BJP etc. . Their careers will elongate by doing this.

All parties should not try to spread hatred among people. After all the same people (both Telangana and Seemandhra) have co-existed for so many years. Appeal people to maintain peace and not get swayed by politicians.


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