Jagan praises Modi, raises eyebrows

Jagan in his first press conference after release from jail praised NaMo. He said that he appreciated NaMo as an administrator and requested him to bring all secular forces on one platform. He also emphasized on YSR Congress secular credentials and criticized his main opposition party TDP. Since when did NaMo become secular for opposition parties? Why did he praise NaMo? It may be recalled that earlier his family members had said that he would not ally with BJP due to ideological differences.

(i) He praised NaMo to clearly give a signal to Congress that he should not be taken for granted.

(ii) He also wants to keep his options open.

(iii) This statement would also douse allegations that he had a secret pact with Congress – got released from jail in lieu of support to Congress post elections at the center.

(iv) The same was also attempted at creating confusion in mind of BJP about who to ally with. It may be recalled that BJP was cosying upto Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party till very recently.

(v) Congress seems to have made up its mind on creating Telangana. Thus it has technically chosen Telangana Rashtriya Samiti over YSR Congress leaving Jagan with limited choice.

Jagan knows that he has to be in the good books of whichever formation comes to power at the center to get reprieve from CBI cases. Thus he would actually align with any party who forms govt. at the center.

BJP however may not align with him for fear of loss of votes in Telangana. It will take a call post elections depending upon who gets more seats – Jagan or Naidu.

Interesting battle here….

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