Chandrasekhar Rao of TRS thunders if UPA doesn’t give Telangana, NDA will

Telangana supporters held a huge rally at Hyderabad today. Even after 2 months of announcement of Telangana, nothing much has happened. Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) and other sympathizers have started doubting Congress intentions, as in the past it has ditched them on a number of occasions. The suspicion also stems from Jagan’s release. His family members have openly said that they will not align will BJP / NDA. If stories of a pact with Congress are correct then Congress cannot risk announcing Telangana as Jagan is opposed to it. Few days of Parliament session is left and not enough time left for creation of separate state.

Rao issued a warning to UPA that if it doesn’t create Telangana, NDA will. NDA has been a votary of the new state and has openly stated that it will form the state as soon as it gets elected. The statement has many ramifications and opens up another set of permutation / combination in a complex state. If Congress doesn’t announce Telangana and allies with Jagan, TRS could ally with BJP / NDA. It also shows TRS’s belief that UPA might not come back to power and it is better to go with NDA as they will get the state in any case. If TRS goes with UPA it might lose its identity as Congress would pressurize it to merge. Rao will be averse to any such move to maintain his independent identity. He is a wily character. Now its for Congress to chose – TRS or Jagan. Difficult decision indeed….

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