Suspense over BJP making Chandrababu Naidu NDA convenor?

What started as NaMo’s efforts to increase foothold in South seems to be shaping up. NaMo had called out to Naidu, NTR son in law, to help throw out the Congress from the center. They even offered him NDA convenor post, vacant after Sharad Yadav’s JDU left NDA. Naidu dilly dallied for some time. After Jagan’s release he is under significant pressure. YSR Cong and TDP are the only parties which have opposed the creation of Telangana. So both YSR Cong and TDP won’t get seats there. They both will compete for seats in Seemandhra where Jagan seems to have an upper hand. TDP can’t go with Cong or TRS and hence has to depend upon BJP to remain relevant. But it doesn’t command the same influence. Plus aligning with TDP would alienate Telangana voters. This has put BJP in a spot. Local leadership is opposing move. Venkiah Naidu says that there is no talk of pre poll alliance as yet. BJP is debating whether pre poll alliance with TDP will be of any help. My view doubtful. Plus it will also kill chances of BJP getting Jagan on board at a later point of time.

Feel NaMo’s biggest blunder was not reaching out to Jagan in Hyderabad rally instead of Naidu. He anyday has better potential than Naidu. Jagan anyways unhappy with Cong and could have moved towards BJP. This at cost of Telangana votes could still be ok as seats in Seemandhra would have compensated Telanagan loss. This could be one of biggest blunders of NaMo. Corruption is an issue, but Jagan has sympathy for him in the state. People feel he was unnecessarily jailed because of political vendetta. So if they did not try alliance with Jagan because of corruption, the argument is weak. How come they are wooing Yedurappa in Karnataka now? He also facing corruption charges. Will Naidu become NDA convenor and share stage with NaMo on Oct. 2 in Delhi. Lets see.


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