Who will form the Govt.? Possibility No. 3 – Third Front (No way)

If BJP / NDA is not able to form govt. despite being single largest coalition because of its failure to attract allies (NaMo factor) and Congress / UPA also is not able to cobble numbers, a 1996 type situation can occur. UPA and Left Front can provide outside support to one of the larger parties like SP, BSP, TMC or AIADMK. Problem is none of these parties (Maya, Mulayam, Amma, Mamata) will agree for other party’s candidate as PM. Maya won’t support Mulayam and vice-a-versa, Amma won’t support Maya / Mulayam and Mamata won’t support either because they all dream to be PM.

Here is the problem. All of them will get 25 odd seats and then UPA and Congress have to agree for a party to back, I feel it could be BSP, Mayawati (less of a threat). Mayawati as PM. Oh god!

Bahujan Samaj Party: 25

YSR Congress: 15

Janata Dal (Secular): 3

RJD (Lalu): 10

Left Front: 32

UPA: 128

Others: 10

BJD: 14

Janata Dal (United): 13

Telugu Desam Party: 6

MNS: 3

TOTAL: 259

However, the good news is that it will not touch the magical figure of 273. Mamata, Amma and Mulayam won’t support Maya as PM. Hence possibility of a Third Front govt. given the inherent contradictions is very remote.

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