BJP trying to rope in Rajanikanth

BJP in a bid to forge more allies is trying to rope in Rajani. State of Tamil Nadu sends 39 MPs to Lok Sabha and will determine who forms govt. at the center. Regional parties DMK and AIADMK dominate the state. While DMK is with Congress, AIADMK has yet not shown any inclination towards BJP, keeping her options open. Though, ultimately she might join hands with BJP post polls.

T. Nadu has personality cult politics and Rajani is considered “god”. While he has not shown clear political inclination, his siding ways with any party will be a major boost. Hence BJP using back channels to get him on board. Even Jayalalitha and Karunanaidhi were actors earlier who later joined politics.

As Rajani hails from Karnataka, he has huge fan base there as well. NaMo is to address a rally in Tamil Nadu on Sep. 26, and if it turns out to be success, it will force AIADMK to re-consider having a pre poll alliance.

Feel talks of taking Rajani into fold is also a pressure tactic to keep AIADMK on its toes. Modi and Jaya share a good rapport and it is widely believe that she will support Modi after polls, but pre poll alliance is always better as it also endorses NaMo PMship candidature. That’s why NaMo and team burning midnight oil to get on board either of the two. Both joining will be a bonus. Problem is Rajani and Jaya do not see eye to eye and it will be interesting how BJP manages to manage both. Will keep a close watch…

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