NaMo’s statement on PMship creates flutter among BJP, Congress grinning

At Teacher’s Day celebrations when asked upon by students that will he return soon to address them as the Prime Minister of India, NaMo replied, “We shouldn’t dream about becoming something. We should always dream of doing something. I have been given a mandate till 2017 by the people of Gujarat and I will continue to serve the state.”

News channels, print media went haywire, sensationalized the quote with headlines / tickers “NaMo doesn’t want to become PM”. He didn’t say that. He just said that he doesn’t dream to become anything (PM), but he still might become PM. He will continue to serve the state, but he didn’t say, he will be CM till 2017, he can serve them by becoming PM as well and thru a representative / chela.

Now that’s what I like about him, his careful choice of words. He made the statement intentionally. The under current was that he hit hard at the BJP top brass which is delaying his PM candidature announcement. This sent the party cadre panicking. There is a lot of internal resistance especially from Advani camp to his candidature announcement.

Advani – If NaMo is announced, his chances are doomed. Correct.

Sushama – If NaMo is announced, her stature as Leader of Opposition would reduce. Somewhat fair point.

Chouhan – If NaMo is announced, Muslim votes in MP will go to Congress, so please announce after MP polls. Bullshit. He later backtracked.

NaMo, the wily fox he is, knows that he is the star campaigner, he will get the votes, not Advani, Sushama etc. He will do the hard work and somebody else will have the malai. He can’t stand for that. He is behaving like a disgruntled / unsatisfied employee. Each of us at some point of time in our career or every time feel that we do all the work and get no credit, boss takes all credit.

He is going thru the phase. He knows he has an upper hand. He wants the confirmed bonus letter before he actually slogs. If you notice he has been the election head campaign for the past 3 months and has only carried out one big rally in Hyderabad. What a waste of a resource by BJP which feels that he will be the biggest vote puller. NaMo has clearly put his foot down and said that unless you announce my name as PM candidate I will not campaign and BJP will not get votes. Now it’s for the party to decide.

Congress is grinning, heaving a sigh of relief, at the headlines, before they saw the actual quote. They even went to the extent saying that this statement has come after Vanzara’s letter damning him and his aide Amit Shah. Who the f… is Vanzara?


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