Shotgun praises Nitish, says he is PM material

Shotgun who last week had stated that NaMo can’t become PM without Advani’s blessings, today cosying upto JD(U). He met Nitish, praised his work and declared that he is PM material. He joins a MLA who some days ago had criticized BJP leadership and got suspended.

Shatru too is going that way. With this statement, he has put BJP leadership in a fix. Shatru is perhaps evaluating his prospects and feels he might get his due in JD(U). But why does he want to join a sinking ship. Yeh film wale thode emotional hote hain. So he is taking the side of a Bihari in the fight between Bihari and Gujarati.

He is not a mass leader and his leaving BJP won’t impact its prospects. I can empathize with him. We in our professional careers many a times get offers from rival companies and dwell on it on a number of parameters – growth, career development, pay etc. He is doing the same. Nitish has made him an offer and he feels it is better. Each to his own judgement.

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