Maya calls Modi unfit for PM’s job

Maya (who was lying low for quite sometime) yday thundered that Modi is unfit for PM’s post. She took it upon herself to decide for the whole of nation whether NaMo can become PM or not. Mayaji let people of India decide. However, she offerred her name for PM’s post. Mayaji with 20 MPs has joined the daydreamers like Mulayam, Nitish, Mamata who wish to be PM in 2014. We can’t stop her from making a wish! Mayaji please work for the betterment of the peple who vote for you. They have high hopes.


  1. This has become pattern for all political party to lam bast Modi and portray themselves as PM in waiting . Lalu , Mulayam , Sharad Yadav , Nitish Kumar . They have to highlight what they have done for their state when they were respective CM or campaign poll chief . It’s easy to prove others unfit so that they can become fit for the PM position . They have to prove themselves by the virtue of governance and operational efficiency and what’s their vision for this country . This time masses will not be fooled by mere poll gimmicks . This lady if become PM – I will leave this country and settled somewhere because I don;t want to be citizen of this country where PM is Mayawati . The same difficulty , I faced when another lady became President of this country from nowhere and became party to so many controversies . Please don’t take my comment as sexist remark but I am certainly typecasting certain type of woman .


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