Is Congress preparing for early polls?

UPA’s decision to pass an ordinance on Food Security Bill has given rise to rumours that Congress is gearing up for early polls. 6 states (MP, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Mizoram and J&K) accounting for 79 Lok Sabha seats are slated to have assembly elections by year end.

With the Food Security Bill push, there is a possibility that Congress would go to national polls along with these states. This also does not leave more time for NaMo to do a campaigning throughout the country (only 4 months).

There is also a possibility that Congress goes to state polls with Food Security Bill, does well and with the momentum gained go for national polls in 2014. This will be a big boost for Congress as BJP was expected to do well in 4 out of these 6 states (pre Food Security announcement).  Only time will tell…

Friends / Folks what do you think?


  1. thats not the way to pass laws in india….whatever be the intention of congress….cant take system for granted….this is no emergency period where you can pass ordinances….its a bolt to democatic system….and what are the economic ramifications of this move with Fiscal deficit at all time high…..this step will increase the deficit!!!


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