CBI files chargesheet in Ishrat Jahan Case

CBI today filed its chargesheet in Ishrat Jahan case and termed it as a fake encounter. It named 7 police officers as accused in the case. While acknowledging that 3 persons killed along with Ishrat were terrorists, it remained silent on whether Ishrat had terrorist links or not. So it does not answer one of the key questions.

The chargesheet keeps both Congress and BJP happy. Congress is happy that the encounter was termed as fake. BJP is happy that NaMo / Amit Shah have not been named, Ishrat was not a terrorist is not explicitly stated and the operation was termed as a joint operation of Gujarat Police and IB, essentially maintaining that, if it was fake both Center and State Govt. were to be blamed equally.

Your thoughts on:
(i) Even if Ishrat was a terrorist, was it proper to kill her in an encounter?
(ii) There have been so many fake encounters in Andhra and Maharashtra (much more than Gujarat). Why have NGos / human rights organisations not taken up this matter?
(iii) Can NaMo be blamed for this fake encounter?


  1. i) Even if Ishrat was a terrorist, was it proper to kill her in an encounter?

    Absolutely YES. Why should we always wait for our brothers and sisters to shed their blood and then act? If you find a poisonous snake in your house which is about to attack your kin, would you wait for it to bite your kin and then kill or finish the job right away?


  2. i) Unless proven, she can’t be referred to as a terrorist – so the premise of this question is not neutral.
    ii) NGOs regularly take up the matter in other states as well – media does not cover it as much. And “much more” is an unsubstantiated claim in your post.
    iii) Police does not work without the approval of the CM and if does then CM is spineless. You can decide which answer suites better.


  3. Thanks Jattin.
    (i) Similarly encounter doesn’t become fake, if CBI says so. It still has to be proven in court of law.
    (ii) Very true, NGOs do pick up these cases, but how many of such cases are handled by CBI?
    (iii) IB doesnt work without approval of Home Minister and Prime Minister of India. MMS was PM of India and incharge of IB when Ishrat was killed and there is no doubt among people of India that he is spineless. Same cant be said about NaMo though.


  4. if there is credible evidence of terrestrial links, the elimination is justified. There will be collateral damage, but being cautious hasn’t saved many lives either.
    To answer iii) NaMo had been an action oriented (to my understanding) administrator in other fields as well, a similar trend has been followed here too – u have a lead about terrorists, Eliminate them.


  5. Several questions need to be answered.
    1. Why is this termed as ‘Ishrat Jahan’ encounter??? there were 4 people killed. of these 4, only family of 1 is coming forward to claim she is not a terrorist. The 3 other families are strangely very silent on this. There is an attempt to create public outrage by portraying the image of an innocent 19 year old girl. This impact would be missing if we term this as the Javed Sheikh encounter
    2. The person with whom Ishrat travelled from Mumbra to Gujarat bought huge cash from Oman and purchased arms and amunition from Faizabad. This is based on testimony of other terrorists from other investigative agencies.

    Now traveling from Mumbra to Valsad (as per CBI chargesheet) is more than 10 hours. it is not illegal but it is also not very common for a 19 yr old tuition teacher to do this. Why her family were not alarmed then, is something beyond me. Infact, why a 19 yr old would travel with a person with such dubious track record is itself not very clear. They say he offered her a job as a perfume salesgirl. Honestly, would you send your 19 year old daughter to another state with anybody just because he offers her a job without doing a background check?

    3. As per CBI chargesheet, Gujarat police picked them from Valsad. How did the Gujarat police know that an innocent 19 year old girl is travelling from Mumbra to Valsad??? Or did the Gujarat police come to Mumbra and drive her to Valsad???Atleast, this is confirmed that she travelled with a terrorist from Mumbra to Valsad of her own will. Not even the Congress Bureau of Investigation is denying this

    We all clap and make ‘A Wednesday’ a sleeper hit when it recommends the same treatment for terrorists. But when an investigating agency actually uses the same method, we put them behind bars. Thousands of fake encounters have happened across the country. Why does this one require the nation’s attention is really perplexing


  6. Thanks Neeraj. Very valid points raised. Where are the three other families who’s relatives were killed along with Ishrat? They will never come forward as they are probably all in Pakistan.


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