Omar and Advani War of Words Continue

Omar Abdullah and LK Advani’s war of words over repeal of Article 370 continued today. It is well known that BJP is against Article 370 which grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Indian citizens from other states and women from Jammu & Kashmir who marry men from other states cannot purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir.

BJP is against Article 370 as it feels the Article is against the basic fabric of “One & United India”. As per historians, barring Nehru, all Congress leaders, including Sardar Patel were against granting special status to the Jammu and Kashmir. They argue that it was Maharaja Hari Singh who rushed to India for help, when tribesmen backed by Pakistani army invaded J&K. Given the circumstances no special status should have been accorded to J&K.

Feel if the law was not in place, people from other states would have moved into J&K, people from J&K would have moved into other states and mingled with rest of India population and J&K today would have been a different story. The Article 370 is one of the main reasons for backwardness of J&K which is bereft of any industry.

Coming to politics, Advani raised this issue to be in limelight. He has been lying low for quite some time after his resignation drama. Omar Abdullah born with a silver spoon is the CM just because of his “Abdullah lineage”. He forgets that his party was part of NDA from 1998-2004 and he was a minister in the same BJP government which demands a Uniform Civil Code. Bet even in 2014, if BJP gets to form the government, his father Dr. Farooq Abdullah, will be among the first ones to rush to BJP with their letter of support. Kaafi dino se out of power hain bechare. The family has no ideology and has just hunger for power.

What do you guys feel – Should Article 370 be repealed?

Waiting eagerly for your comments….


  1. i) “Kaafi dino se out of power hain bechare” I think they are in power – both in state and center (as part of UPA).
    ii) BJP had 6 years to enforce Uniform Civil Code and its article 370 position. Ab bina baat ka naatak.
    iii) I don’t have a detailed knowledge of both Article 370 and UCC (I don’t count some online articles and wiki as source to complete in-depth knowledge). So I think your question can only be answered neutrally by someone who has spent enough time research Article 370.


  2. Thanks Jattin.
    (i) Actually meant father will become out of power if National Conference doesnt support BJP if it comes to power in 2014.
    (ii) Coalition compulsions.


  3. Further also wanted to show the gr8 ideology of National Conference. Was in the government of both NDA as well as UPA. The father-son duo wants power at any cost. And doesnt actually care for Article 370.


  4. That’s why it is imperative to educate people to vote for truly national parties (Congress or BJP) whichever they like and not vote for jokers (Maya, Mulayam, Mamata etc.).


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