BJP – Part I

In the 1st post on Elections 2014 we take a look at BJP (the leading opposition party), recent events, internal politics and prospects.

BJP Takes a Punt – Declares NaMo as Head of Election Campaign Committee

BJP has gambled big time by declaring NaMo, three times Chief Minister of Gujarat, as its Chief Election Campaigner. It was feared that this move could increase infighting in BJP, alienate Muslim voters as well as some NDA partners. There was a lot of resistance and debate internally before appointing him (after all BJP is a democratic party).

The fears appeared to be true when sulken BJP patriarch Advani resigned (only to take it back in 48 hours) and long time ally JD(U) broke ties with BJP.

Feel the decision to nominate NaMo is a bold one, however it’s also true that BJP had no choice and he is party’s best bet. Its like putting your best batsman (Tendulkar) forward to open the innings when chasing a huge total. NaMo is party’s most popular leader, thanks to development work in Gujarat, a smart / effective PR campaign and has a strong appeal among urban voters and youth. However he lacks rural support.

Rajnath Singh (a novice in national politics till now and a compromise candidate for BJP Party President), with the help of RSS, saw an opportunity to emerge stronger within the ranks by taking sides with NaMo in the internal power struggle. Post NaMo anointment, Rajnath has grown in confidence (as evident from election meetings, press conferences, interviews) and has increased visibility.

 NaMo’s Elevation: Casualty No. 1 – Advani Resigns, Only to take it back in 48 hours

Advani (aged 84) sulked post NaMo’s anointment and resigned from all party posts. After 50+ years in party and himself being a RSS pracharak, he suddenly realized that BJP is being run by RSS and is also interfering in its day to day affairs. This he felt was not good.

It was like a son fighting with his industrialist father in old films – “Papa aap mere liye parchun ki dukan kholo nahin to main ghar se bhaag jaunga”. In the last elections BJP projected Adavni as its PM candidate and lost. Please give space to young blood. But I don’t blame him, he sees 2014 as his last chance of becoming PM, even Manmohan Singh (MMS) is aged 81 and is PM of a country whose 60% population is in the working age group (29-35).

He threw in the towel without fighting Rajnath-NaMo camp. Anything can happen after results are out and he may emerge as consensus candidate (possibility remote). Better sense prevailed and he took back his resignation. Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai.

Prediction: Advani may not be fighting this time from Gandhinagar, and will look for a safe constituency in MP / Chhatisgarh.

NaMo’s Elevation: Casualty No. 2 – JD(U) breaks ties with BJP and commits Harakiri

JD(U), BJP’s long standing ally of 17 years, called an end to its alliance post NaMo’s anointment. Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav suddenly realized that BJP is not a secular but a communal party. They felt NaMo’s elevation would alienate its Muslim votebank.

However, the real reason is that with talks of emergence of a Third Front, Nitish and Sharad both feel that they can become PM. Nobody can stop them from day dreaming. My friends if Deve Gowda and Gujral could become PM with 20 seats why not Nitish / Sharad. Plus Nitish for some reason doesn’t like NaMo (perhaps jealousy).

Nitish and Sharad are worried about the 15% Muslim votes in Bihar. Is desh ka durbhagya hai ki koi 85% Hindu votes ke baare mein nahin sochta hai. They feel that they would get a major share of Muslim votes after the break up. They forget that this vote will be divided between JD(U), Congress and Lalu’s RJD. JD(U) can’t have a pre-poll alliance with Congress as it would kill their Third Front chances. Plus they would also loose BJP votes. All in all a bad arithmetic. They are bound to lose seats I can bet.

Sharad as confused as ever, even declared post break up that they could rejoin NDA if Advani is made leader. Advani a secular and NaMo a communal? Did he forget that it was Advani whose Rath Yatra for Ram Mandir brought BJP into national arena. Pure excuses, as they don’t have any reason. Yeh to public hai yeh sab janti hai! People of Bihar will teach them a lesson.

If Nitish has any self respect he should have resigned as CM and gone for a fresh mandate. People of Bihar had voted for NDA and not JD(U) alone. He would not as he would want to have malai for another 2.5 years.

Prediction: If NaMo does well, JD(U) will split post 2014 national elections. Sharad has a soft corner for BJP and he is not getting any malai while Nitish is having it all alone. This will be one of the key reasons for a split. If NaMo does badly, state BJP will split.  

Watch out this space for more…

Friends / Folks please provide your comments on:

(i) Is NaMo BJP’s best bet for 2014 General Elections?

(ii) Is BJP sidelining Advani by promoting NaMo?

(iii) Is Nitish right in calling off 17 year old alliance?

(iv) Will the end of alliance hamper the prospects of both BJP and JD(U) in Bihar?

Looking forward for your feedback…


  1. Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are arguably the best Chief Minister in the country. If both had decided to work together BJP (NDA) would have swept the 2014 general elections.

    I don’t understand the reason behind the rift. Of course both wants to be PM but why the hatred? Mr. Kumar is worried he will lose Muslim votes in his state if he supports Mr. Modi. Apparently, he does not seem to have confidence in his development work and he is assuming people of Bihar are voting him because he is having a (pseudo)secular face. The arithmetic has really gone wrong in case of Nitish and he will understand soon, perhaps will not act to join NDA back.
    “Now the focus is on Narendra Modi because of his excellent performance in Gujarat and his popularity in the country.” Further, “…the urban voters are clearly in favour of Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate with 38 per cent preferring him over 13 per cent and 14 per cent for Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi respectively.”

    The three “important” messages for the polls. First, that Manmohan Singh lead Congress is facing a credibility crisis and his honest image “has been badly bruised following the unprecedented record of scams and controversies.” The second that if the NDA remains united and work as a “formidable force it can easily get back power at the Centre.” And third, that Mr. Modi could be a winner for the NDA.


    1. Thanks Gaurav. Is desh ka durbhagya hai ki jiski 20 seats hai woh PM banne ke sapne dekh raha hai! I agree that unity for NDA and ability to attract more allies will be the key for its success in the polls.


  2. Reblogged this on Political Baba and commented:

    Many readers have not been able to read all posts. Will re-blog over the next few days some older posts relating to “Key Political Parties”, their background and political fortunes in next Lok Sabha elections.


    1. Jattin baba ki jai ho! Lets see! Could be, agar Deve Gowda ban sakta hai to Maya kyun nahin. She is far capable. Though I dont support her, and will be a black day for the country.


    1. @Jattin Cong is famous for making PMs with outside support (Chandrasekhar, Gowda, Gujral). They could make Maya too but not let her last for more than 1 year. Other groups in Third Front will not support her as they themselves harbour PM ambitions.


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