Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter 01/07/2013

BJP and Congress today engaged in a war of words over Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI’s) impending chargesheet in Ishrat Jahan case. BJP alleges Congress is misusing CBI and trying to falsely implicate Gujarat government. Congress on the other hand feels it has got a good weapon against BJP poster boy NaMo. The matter is sub-judice.

Its a pretty old case – encounter happened in 2004 and after some inquiry commissions the case has been handed over to CBI. Now that’s the biggest worry. CBI is not a super efficient body as it appears to be, more so in cases where there is political interference. It has not been able to solve a simple murder case of Aarushi Talwar for so many years where there appears to be no political pressure.

I came across some interesting facts and it for the readers to decide who is right and who is wrong. Courts will take another 10 years because the matter is currently in High Court only.

There are two important questions here (i) was the encounter fake? and (ii) if fake who was responsible for the same? Before we try to answer these questions lets do a quick recap. Intelligence Bureau (IB) passed on information to Gujarat Police that 4 terrorists (including Ishrat) were plotting to assassinate NaMo to avenge Godhra riots. Gujarat police acted on IB’s input and killed the four in an encounter.

Now if it turns out that the encounter was fake and they were not terrorists, who is to blame, IB and not Gujarat police. Wrt Ishrat, it is alleged that Lashkar-e-Taeba put her name and picture on their website calling her their operative, the day she was killed.  Further, IB claims that David Headly (26/11 accused) has confessed before American authorities that she was indeed an LeT operative. Same has been rejected by National Investigating Agency (NIA).  Now 3 central agencies (IB, CBI and NIA) are pitted against each other.

Human rights activists also condemn the manner in which the four were killed (terrorists bhi insaan hote hain!). They contend that the 4 should have been arrested and put behind bars. Oh yes and then Govt. should have spent crores on their stay (like Kasab) and fed them biryani.

Watch out for more on this. Truth should prevail….


  1. One should not be surprised that use and timing of CBI is politically driven. Namo has been champion turning a adversity into win win situation. CBI policy may have worked against various chief minsters in past but here is the man who is not courrupted and thinks two steps ahead of his opponents. Next six month indian will see best political drama.


  2. Thanks Gaurav. Ofcourse Congress is presurrising CBI to anyhow make a case against NaMo. But this will not work.


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